Siam Natural Organics – Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. introduce their latest scientific breakthrough in 100% fresh organic Thai rice bran germ containing four natural super-food blends

Siam Natural 100% organic Performance Protein 

Rice Bran Germ Super-food blend

Riceberry Bran Germ black/purple 25%

Sang Yod Bran Germ red 25%

Jasmine-Basmati Bran Germ brown 30%

GABA Bran Germ brown 20%

Rice is consumed by over half the world’s population, the majority of which is in Asia.
Although white rice is more common, there are many special rice cultivars that contain pigments, such as black, purple, and red, in their bran, pelea, and lemma, and other inside parts, such as pericarp tegmen and the aleurone layer, protein stored as granules in the cells of plant seeds.  

The bran part of these pigmented rice cultivars contains acetylated procyanidin [1], anthocyanins, and other phenolics that have significant free radical scavenging activity [2,3] apart from natural antioxidants, such as tocopherols, tocotrienols [4], oryzanols [5], phytosterols [6], and phenolic compounds [7]. It is believed that consumption of pigmented rice improves human health because of the rice’s antiallergic, antimutagenic, and anticarcinogenic effects [8,9]. Therefore, pigmented rice is becoming a valuable source for food supplements and nutraceuticals.

Anti-Tumor & Immune Enhancing Activities of Rice Bran Gramisterol on Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Keywords: rice bran; anti-cancer; gramisterol; lupeol

The outstanding multitude of health benefits embodied in the Riceberry bran germ four blended superfood render this product a novel specialty among our health & fitness icons in the new line of Siam Natural Organics holistic health preventative smoothie blends.

The Performance Protein contains 6,000 mg per sachet blend with a total of six ounces net in the one month pouch, also available in 500 mg capsules and one ounce pouches.

Structures of Phytosterols and Triterpenoids with Potential Anti-Cancer Activity in Bran of Black Non-Glutinous Rice


Mali Nin Surin rice (Black Jasmine) is high in phenolic and anthocyanin which are anti-oxidants with anti-aging benefit and help slow down the growth of cancer cells. These anti-oxidants also help expand blood vessels, lower the risk of heart attack as well as the risk of stroke.

Source of Carbs

Riceberry is a super healthy source of carbohydrates. Compared to white rice and brown rice, black/purple rice offers better micronutrient content. It does not contain cholesterol, saturated fats and contains just 1 gram of sugar.

Rich in Antioxidants

Black rice is a superb source of antioxidants. After comparing with twelve different rice varieties, studies show black/purple rice to have six times higher antioxidant content than white rice or brown rice.

Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is a bodily response against foreign bacteria and viruses. It’s healthy, but sometimes it gets out of control and that’s not a good thing. Eating black rice can counter this kind of inflammation.

Helps Manage Weight

Another excellent benefit of Riceberry is helping you reach or manage your weight, ensuring you are in the healthy scale. Studies show people eating black rice enjoy greater reduction in weight. Riceberry has been the most popular brown rice known for health promoting properties. Attracting people to consume more brown rice is the most significant steps in solving food-related chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, obesity and cancers.

GABAGamma-aminobutyric acid (Gaba) is a non-protein amino acid that is widely distributed in nature. Especially, Gaba is present in high concentrations in different brain regions [1]. Besides, it was also found in various foods such as green tea, soybean, germinated brown rice, kimchi, cabbage pickles, yogurt, etc.

Moreover, Gaba was also reported as a protective agent of liver, kidney, and intestine against toxin-induced damages [10]. In this contribution, the pharmaceutical properties of Gaba on non-neuronal peripheral tissues and organs were mainly focused to emphasize its beneficial role in prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Dai-Hung Ngo 1 and Thanh Sang Vo 2,* 1 Faculty of Natural Sciences, Thu Dau Mot University, Thu Dau Mot City 820000, Vietnam 2 NTT Hi-Tech Institute, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam

Performance Protein Rice Bran Germ is also available in daily sachets and (1) oz packets

Read more about three superb basic nutritional blends each containing 5 herbal compounds, 6000 mg per sachet in our super-natural holistic smoothie blends available on our Siam Natural Organics 2020 Go4-Fitness Organic Specials.                          

Blend #1

Lingzhi-Reishi mushroom

Moringa oleifera leaf powder

LycoFaMomordica Cochinchinensis 

Márá Momordica charantia (bitter melon)

Mangosteen pericarp Garcinia Mangostana 

Blend #2

Makham pom Emblica myrobalan (Amla)

Haritaki Terminalia chebula

Kapao dang Red Holy Basil

Jiaogulan Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Sea Collagen Hydrolysate 

Blend #3

Matcha teaCamillia sinensis

Spirulina, a blue-green algae Arthrospira

Kaffir lime Citrus hystrix

Mamao Luang Antidesma bunius (wild bluesberry)

Ma-Kham-Waan Tamarind indica

Additionally there is a new Ladies Specialty Health-Fitness (5) five herbal blend and a Men’s Specialty Health-Fitness (5) five herbal blend plus five additional specialty holistic blends that address myriad of adverse conditions and diseases.                                                                                                                      

Holistic Whole Food Organic Performance Smoothie Blends

Our Siam Natural Organics Thai herbal apothecary offers over forty fresh organic holistic herbal compounds now available in single (1) oz pouches.

Traditional Herbal Apothecary one ounce packets

While American consumers continue to become ill and suffering from our tainted food supply, environmental pollution and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, the US government continues to drag their feet in following through with legislation that could alleviate many of these health related problems by supporting and permitting natural health supplements into our markets & educational system.

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 – Public Law 103-417 – 103rd Congress supersedes and/or amends the original legislation set forth in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938. Unfortunately, the following recommendations embodied in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 were never acted on by the US Congress and it’s now been over 26 years since the legislation was outlined yet our elected politicians obviously don’t care enough about our health and well-being to follow through on this legislation.

Read the following outline from the 103rd Congress circa 1994;

An Act


To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to establish standards with respect to dietary supplements, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

§1. Short Title; Reference; Table Of Contents. (a) Short Title. – This Act may be cited as the “Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994”.

§2. Findings. US 103rd Congress Public Law 103-417 finds that;

(1) Improving the health status of United States citizens ranks at the top of the national priorities of the Federal Government;

(2) The importance of nutrition and the benefits of dietary supplements to health promotion and disease prevention have been documented increasingly in scientific studies;

(3) (A) There is a link between the ingestion of certain nutrients or dietary supplements and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis; and,

(B) Clinical research has shown that several chronic diseases can be prevented simply with a healthful diet, such as a diet that is low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, with a high proportion of plant-based foods;

(4) Healthful diets may mitigate the need for expensive medical procedures, such as coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty;

(5) Preventive health measures, including education, good nutrition, and appropriate use of safe nutritional supplements will limit the incidence of chronic diseases, and reduce long-term health care expenditures;

Structures of Phytosterols and Triterpenoids with Potential Anti-Cancer Activity in Bran of Black Non-Glutinous Rice

(6) (A) Promotion of good health and healthy lifestyles improves and extends lives while reducing health care expenditures; and

(B) Reduction in health care expenditures is of paramount importance to the future of the country and the economic well-being of the country;

(7) There is a growing need for emphasis on the dissemination of information linking nutrition and long-term good health;

(8) Consumers should be empowered to make choices about preventive health care programs based on data from scientific studies of health benefits related to particular dietary supplements;

(9) National surveys have revealed that almost 50 percent of the 260,000,000 Americans regularly consume dietary supplements of vitamins, minerals, or herbs as a means of improving their nutrition;

(10) Studies indicate that consumers are placing increased reliance on the use of nontraditional health care providers to avoid the excessive costs of traditional medical services and to obtain more holistic consideration of their needs;

(11) The United States will spend over $1,000,000,000,000 on health care in 1994, which is about 12 percent of the Gross National Product of the United States, and this amount and percentage will continue to increase unless significant efforts are undertaken to reverse the increase;

(12) (A) The nutritional supplement industry is an integral part of the economy of the United States;

(B) The industry consistently projects a positive trade balance; and (C) the estimated 600 dietary supplement manufacturers in the United States produce approximately 4,000 products, with total annual sales of such products alone reaching at least $4,000,000,000;

(13) Although the Federal Government should take swift action against products that are unsafe or adulterated (such as those being sold illegally on, eBay & Etsy web portals), the Federal Government should not take any actions to impose unreasonable regulatory barriers limiting or slowing the flow of the safe products and accurate information to consumers;

(14) Dietary supplements are safe within a broad range of intake, and safety problems with the supplements are relatively rare; and

(15) (A) Legislative action that protects the right of access of consumers to safe dietary supplements is necessary in order to promote wellness; and

(B) A rational Federal framework must be established to supersede the current ad hoc, patchwork regulatory policy on dietary supplements.

So, that’s it friends – while politicians fight among themselves over power & control of the government purse strings, we the taxpayers end up as it is right now – people are sick, suffering and dying daily in ever increasing numbers.

We strongly encourage each of you to take a moment to write to your congressional representative(s) and senator(s) to remind them that we want and need affordable alternative medical care solutions now! Ask them to act on the 15 provisions outlined in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994” (above).

Our health care system has a fundamental flaw: More money is made when people are sick rather than healthy. Pharmaceutical companies profit when they sell more drugs and doctors make more money when they see more patients. We all see the ads on TV with a myriad of warnings about potential deadly side effects. Read more about this;  

Sickness is Profitable

Thai Traditional Medicine History

Although Thailand’s holistic health modality called TTM (Thai Traditional Medicine) has been around as early as the third century BC, Indian Brahmins and Buddhist monks traveled to Thailand introducing new religious beliefs and brought with them a holistic approach to healing; Ayurveda, which is based on maintaining a balanced flow of energy through meridians in the body and includes massage and herbal remedies.

Historical evidence shows that Thai people began to use herbal medicine for the treatment of various symptoms and diseases and health promotion since the Sukhothai period (1238-1377). TTM knowledge was gradually developed, systematized, revised, recorded, and passed on from generation to generation throughout the country’s history, from Sukothai to Ayutthaya (1350-1767), Thonburi (1767-1782), and the early Rattanakosin period (1782-1916), as a means of health care for the Thai people.

Unfortunately, the influence of Western medicine, which was introduced into Thailand by missionaries and western physicians since the reign of King Rama III (1787-1851), gradually increased and eventually led to the abandonment of the systematic teaching of TTM in the medical school in 1916. This sparked the decline in TTM acceptance, especially among people in the urban areas, and the status of TTM practitioners in the country’s health care system for over 60 years.

In 1913 a law was enacted to abolish Thai Traditional Medicine and prohibit traditional doctors from treating patients, followed by other punitive laws, which made Thai Traditional Medicine almost extinct. Traditional medicine textbooks were lost, burned in fire or stolen to be sold to other countries. So, for nearly 99 years, Thai traditional doctors had been forbidden from treating patients given there was a legal provision to punish those who resisted.

The revival of TTM began around 1978 after the proclamation of the Alma-Ata Declaration when the World Health Organization (WHO) urged its member countries to include traditional medicine and medicinal plants in their primary health care (PHC) program.

In 2012, the first Thai traditional hospital opened in Sakon Nakhon Province, to be followed by nine other pilot hospitals in nine provinces with the aim to re-set national standards in providing treatments, research and training in Thai Traditional Medicine.

This is a dream project to revive traditional wisdom to serve as an alternative option for the people and the survival for the country.

Today, Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine have been promoted in 10,851 hospitals throughout the Thailand Ministry of Public Health system especially for health promotion, disease prevention, basic rehabilitation and treatment of chronic patients, the elderly and the disabled and the use of 71 herbs in National List of Essential Medicines to replace and reduce the use of Western medicine saving the country more than 5 billion baht per year. We offer over forty of these Thai traditional herbal compounds.

Siam Natural Organics Traditional Herbal Apothecary one ounce packets

The most recent recommendation in 2011 was to set up the “The Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine” run by a committee with representation from the government and private sectors, and the “Herb Production Central Plant” to raise the standard of small-scale herb producers to compete with China and India, the world’s top two herb producers.

These support measures are steps in the right direction to revive Thai traditional medicine which has long been shunned and removed from daily life. Another step now being considered is a ‘new dawn’ to further enhance status of traditional medicine for wide public recognition with the establishment of the Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) Hospitals.

 According to the “Protection and Promotion of Thai Traditional Medicine Knowledge Act B.E. 2542” (1999), Thai traditional medicine is defined by law as “the medical processes dealing with the examination, diagnosis, therapy, treatment, or prevention of diseases, or promotion and rehabilitation of the health of humans or animals, midwifery, Thai massage, as well as the preparation, production of Thai traditional medicines and the making of devices and instruments for medical purposes. All of these are based on the knowledge or textbooks that were passed on and developed from generation to generation”.

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Siam Natural Organics Introduces New Line of Natural Holistic Whole Food Nutritional Blends in Sachets

Your health & well-being is all about getting back to the basics … chemical free organic nutrition!             NaturePaq_txt_PM_Farm19_20140617_163309                                                                   

Siam Natural Organics wish to share an all new line of natural organic holistic food supplement blends that nourish your body and prevent and/or address many common conditions. Each pouch contains 30 packet sachets of non-GMO chemical free natural holistic herbal blends.









Ladies Holistic Essentials Healing Organic 5 Herbal Food Supplements



Men’s Holistic Essentials ED, vitality, muscle firming, 5 Herbal Food Supplements


Five more Nutritional 5 Herb Supplement blends for disease prevention


Healthcare is a major issue for millions of people worldwide – and we’re constantly reminded by the mass media about the latest pharmaceuticals and cheap miracle health supplements – but not without all the potential negative side effects blatantly published in those slick TV commercials with a virtual shopping list of serious health warnings echoed by “Ask your doctor” 


It’s pretty scary to consider these products to say the least even if you consult your western medical practitioner.

Hundreds of common dietary supplements are tainted with potentially harmful drugs yet fewer than half of these products were recalled by their manufacturers in recent published reports!


Unfortunately, these promotions are primarily motivated by high-tech corps aimed at generating quick sales on websites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy or via direct marketing campaigns by companies like GNC, Walmart, etc.

Many people already know that the FDA is highly influenced by Big Pharma and the original world bankers (Rockafellers, Rothchilds, Morgans etc.) who were responsible for the formation of the AMA, and the World Health Organization (WHO), and who at least in part, helped finance major chemical companies like DuPont and Monsanto who developed and promoted what became known as the GMO foods. Monsanto once manufactured controversial products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange and later commercialized its first genetically engineered product, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) in 1994 and brought its first genetically engineered seeds, Roundup soybeans, onto the market in 1996.

Unfortunately, oil & fossil fuels with (250) trillion dollar global financial interests are the basic root cause of why our petroleum based agriculture industries, impact manufactured foods and pharmaceutical drugs – all responsible for the continued scourge deadly diseases like cancers & heart disease.

“The profit-motivated health care industry is creating more dependence on drugs and less overall health. People are over-medicated, lack access to quality healthcare, and millions around the world are dying of preventable, and treatable, diseases”                         Sickness Is Profitable 


Holistic Health                                                                                                                      Women in north Thailand who use traditional herbal supplements have 10% of the breast cancer compared to westerners and men have an extremely low incidence of prostate cancer and BHP. Rural citizens in north Thailand and southern China enjoy a life expectancy of around 100 years old. Simply said – we are what we eat!

belly-body-clothes-diet-53528-1280X853 salt-2484344_1920

We’d like to share an informative documentary video that touches on these healthcare issues that affect the entire planet. 

If you watch the full documentary, specific steps are outlined later in the program explaining how you can participate in helping to get yourself, family and friends on the right track to natural healthy living.

Our company, Siam Natural Organics, a fully licensed Thai-US amity company is all about grower-fresh pure holistic natural organic health food supplement  nutrition – especially in terms of time tested disease preventative folklore herbs & teas from nature that have been around for literally thousands of years before the industrial revolution and scientific based medicine overshadowed traditional apothecaries.  


Many common health issues and diseases can be prevented and treated with natural nutritional food supplements along with simple walking and breathing exercises.

The promise of a quick fix by TV and radio promotions is absolutely ludicrous and mostly media hyped advertising. The fact is, expensive pharmaceutical drugs can be downright dangerous, and the cheap commercial vitamins and supplements originating from ‘unknown sources’ peddled by Amazon, eBay, Etsy and companies like GNC, Walmart and iHerb are factually reputed to be tainted, useless, fake, counterfeit, mislabeled, expired and potentially toxic.

fake-pills synthetics_vs_naturals_v-cap

These distributors generally have no idea the traceable source for the import products (or won’t admit that it came from an unknown underground, black market or questionable Chinese vendors) nor are these companies formally regulated by governments to properly advise consumers, so YOU are at risk of being swindled for your money and your well-being. 


So how do you make the right choices for preventative health maintenance in the digital age with so many unanswered questions in the mass media and/or social media marketing?

Do your homework, and investigate to find verifiable legitimate GMP Certified small organic farmers such as our company to source your vitamins, minerals, and health food supplements. 


As Thailand farmer-growers, our company knows what the big high-tech corporations do in terms of delivering consumers fresh authentic natural products. They simply don’t!  . . .  so, let’s talk about YOU … and what you can do today to prevent life threatening health problems or treat adverse conditions that you may currently be experiencing!


We have a YouTube mini-documentary HD video that takes you to our farms for a first hand mini tour.


This writer became involved in organic food about 20 years ago on the Big Island of Hawaii whereas most all of my friends and associates from my twenty-seven years working in Los Angeles have already passed away too early from otherwise preventable adverse health conditions. I have since lived in Thailand full time from 2001 studying and utilizing holistic health practices and working directly with certified holistic health practitioners and Thai farmer-growers.


Thai holistic health is essentially based on diet and fitness. Thai people eat these herbs daily in their normal diets. Fresh phytonutrients such as flowers, sprigs, leaves, herb garnishes and spices, or as natural vegetable culinary ingredients. 


People in northern Thailand and southern China both often live to be 100 years of age without adverse health conditions like cancers or heart disease and this can be directly attributed to these rare herbs & Asian teas.

IVY_GOURD-Coccinia_grandis_Ivy_gourd_ Hu_Luo_Bo_wild-carrot-375x441

Unfortunately, western fast food chains, 7-11’s and chemical companies such as Monsanto have emerged in recent years in Thailand and obesity has skyrocketed and the large commercial farmers are now using these chemicals. That is not the case with the small organic grower-farmers.


We invite you to visit the website and read about our latest array of natural healing holistic herbal health & wellness organic food supplements.

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Siam Natural Organics introduces two new natural herbal health elixirs

NaturePaq ™ Sacred Pink Lotus 

Sacred Pink Lotus flower tea is 100% natural organic sun-dried whole flower buds & petals of an ancient elixir known for mood lifting, enchanted dreams, relaxation, relieving stress and naturally assists with common sleep disorders!

New grower fresh Siam Natural Organics NaturePaqSacred Pink Lotus flower tea comes in 5 gram tea bags – 24 each per resealable pouch. The Sacred Pink Lotus Nelumbo nucifera is revered for the magical, mystical, euphoric and exhilarating effects it produces.

Modern science reveals the ancient Sacred Pink Lotus contains rare natural phytochemicals including lotusine, demethyl coclaurine, neferin, and nuciferine. Much has been said about the Sacred Pink Lotus for literally thousands of years dating back to Queen Nefertiti.

The Sacred Pink Lotus has been cultivated in eastern Asia for over 3,000 years and has been used as food and medicine, as well as in religious and cultural activities. The Egyptians worshiped the flowers, fruits, and sepals of the plant, commonly found along the banks of the Nile River. In addition to being consumed all over the world as a dietary staple, the plant is used ornamentally, and all parts have medicinal uses

The scientific community reports the Sacred water lotus has been used in the orient as a medicinal herb for well over 1,500 years. All parts of the plant are used, they are astringent, cardiotonic, febrifuge, hypotensive, resolvent, stomachic, styptic, tonic and a vasodilator. The leaf juice is used in the treatment of diarrhea and is decocted with liquorice (Glycyrrhiza spp) for the treatment of sunstroke. A decoction of the flowers is used in the treatment of premature ejaculation and recommended as a cardiac tonic.

A decoction of the floral receptacle is used in the treatment of abdominal cramps, bloody discharges etc. The flower stalk is haemostatic. It is used in treating bleeding gastric ulcers, excessive menstruation, post-partum haemorrhage. The stamens are used in treating urinary frequency, premature ejaculation, hemolysis, epistasis and uterine bleeding. A decoction of the fruit is used in the treatment of agitation, fever, heart complaints etc. The seed contains several medically active constituents, including alkaloids and flavonoids.

It is hypotensive, sedative and vasodilator. The seed has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and to relax the smooth muscle of the uterus. It is used in the treatment of poor digestion, enteritis, chronic diarrhea, spermatorrhoea, leukorrhoea, insomnia, palpitations etc. The plumule and radicle are used to treat thirst in high febrile disease, hypertension, insomnia and restlessness. The species is also known to increases libido & promote vitality

Our second product announcement for July 2019 is also packaged in our  NaturePaq ™ brand called; Super-Natural-IV

It’s the latest holistic herbal extracts formula for energy, vitality, mobility, libido, & enhanced cellular metabolism for men & women.

Super-Natural-IV ™ comes in 60 each 400 mg size 0 capsules each containing 100.0 mg of each native herb extract – all being natural energy, vitality and muscle firming boosters that effectively helps men to maintain proper prostate size, combat ED, enhance blood circulation and increase sperm production. Each herb also contains natural plant chemicals attributed improved memory function, reduction of early hair-loss/thinning and increases m/f libido naturally without harmful chemicals, fillers or additives.

A Thai traditional herbal energy booster & libido enhancer that increases fat metabolism and encourages weight loss!

Super-Natural-IV ™ contains 4 safe, time tested holistic herbal vitality boosters;

  • Red Kwao Krua Butea superba
  • Tongkat ali Eurycoma longifolia
  • Black ginger Kaempferia parviflora
  • Mah Mui Macuna pruriens                                                                                                                       
  • M/F Fertility – boosts natural free testosterone/sperm levels in men increases sex drive, reduces fatigue, improves well-being, increases L-Dopa production, and boosts enriched blood circulation levels that helps create new follicle fertility for women.
  • Improves physical performance, muscular endurance, combats fatigue and increases fat metabolism via AMPK (5’adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase enzyme) increases energy/libido/physical endurance
  • Reduces stress by balancing adrenal system
  • Enhances cellular metabolism for men & women: AMPK improves physical fitness performance, muscular endurance, and fat metabolism
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Improves cardiovascular health/blood circulation
  • Encourages natural production of HGH
  • Helps maintain healthy prostate (BHP)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Black Ginger   Kaempferia parviflora  is also known as Black Turmeric and Thai Ginseng. Recent studies indicate native Thai Black Ginger is more powerful than Turmeric and offers much promise in cognitive improvement and potential for treating dementia and Alzheimers.  Black Ginger improves blood circulation over the whole body and one of the remarkable benefits is its ability to provide blood, oxygen and nutrients to aging parts of the brain significantly improving brain function via          Anticholinesterase neuropharmacological activities, anti-depressant like activity and cognitive function,                                                                                                                                These new natural organic Asian health elixirs are now available on the Siam and websites. US orders are now processed by our Terre Haute, Indiana warehouse with in 1-2 days from the date of order and ship via US registered mail.
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Siam Industries International Co., Ltd. introduces an organic US distributor brand, NaturePaq™ Inc., their new Nevada based USA Distribution Center

Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. Thailand, a US-Thai Amity Company and their  Siam Natural Organics premier Thai supplements brand recently unveiled several new NaturePaq ™ branded US FDA registered health supplements & natural herbal based cosmetic products for American consumers to buy on line and ship locally from Nevada.

In a world of ever increasing fake everything – like tainted and undocumented ‘black market’ Amazon & eBay supplements & diluted cosmetics, our new logo-web5brand brings US customers a breath of fresh pure premium grade 100% natural dietary herbal supplements and luxury organic based Envisage Siam Zen formulation cosmetics – all fully documented and licensed by the Thai FDA & Registered with US FDA and US Customs.

In these troubled times of brand convolution and off brand bargain basement prices – it’s imperative that consumers restore trust and confidence that what they’re purchasing is authentic and manufactured under strict GMP safe & sanitary conditions with the exact contents stated on the labels.

  • In 2017 retail sales of vitamins & nutritional supplements in the US reached  a whopping 36 billion dollars. Many unscrupulous manufacturers have jumped into the supplements arena over the past few decades selling bogus, blended, and fake health supplements then closing their doors and immediately reopening under a different name.                                                                                                                              According to former special agent and forensic investigator for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Mr. Gary Collins, MS, who is adamant about hardworking moms and dads trying to do right by their family by buying inexpensive supplements, he went on to say, “Little do they know that these ‘bargain’ vitamins and capsules are worthless at best, and at worst may cost them and their children their health, and possibly their lives”. In a 2013 blog post he wrote,”

    “The fact is, it costs money to make quality dietary supplements such as vitamins, protein powders, fish oil capsules, energy bars, herbal blends, or sports nutrition products. But if you have no morals and know how truly under-regulated the supplement industry is in America, you can make huge amounts of money selling dangerous counterfeit and expired supplement products.How? You undercut the price of legitimate supplement companies. Cheaper wins. And the consumer loses. Why should you believe me? For many years, not too long ago, I worked in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a Special Agent. I’ve been behind the curtain of the supplement industry – way behind – so what I say is not based on some far-fetched conspiracy theory. I was there and witnessed it firsthand. Now, as a public health advocate and creator of the Primal Power Method, here’s what I want you to know about the vitamins, capsules and pills that can make or break your health.

    There are three main ways that supplements end up on the market at unbelievably cheap prices:

  • They are counterfeit and probably dangerous.
  • They are useless expired products that have been repackaged as new.
  • They are stolen products released on the black market without any quality control”.

  • Industry consumer affairs groups and now the legal system alike report major store chains such as GNC, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and others are selling bogus herbal supplements. It could be that some of these major department stores who don’t actually manufacture the products themselves are unknowingly selling fake or tainted supplements.
  • In December of 2016 our Thai legal representatives investigated a number of Amazon, eBay and other on-line ‘private store’ sellers of undocumented ‘black market’ Thai herbal supplements and notified the legal departments at Amazon and eBay in writing with no response whatsoever. Their legal department(s) seem to just ignore these issues and hide behind answering machines not returning telephone calls or professional representative’s letters.


Apparently greed and total a disregard for humanity prevails because corporate sellers like Amazon, Etsy and eBay seem to choose to to turn a blind eye to sales of bogus, black market, undocumented and/or even dangerous supplements by allowing private sellers to continue to hide within their private on-line stores after they have slipped under the radar of US Customs and US FDA bringing in bogus products to the these On-line portals in small boxes through the postal system – unless someone speaks up.

Our legal team spoke up but were met with deaf ears and a brick wall.  The big chain stores  simply may not be able to identify and verify the authenticity of certain documents or vendor products that have been manufactured illegally or improperly which somehow slipped through the maze of US Customs and FDA Compliance systems, but they too are the manufacturers of record in some cases and as such are accountable for what they are putting on their shelves for consumers to purchase.

FILE PHOTO: New York Attorney General Schneiderman announces the filing of a multistate lawsuit in New York City New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman was the bold one to take the initiative in 2015 after seeing a study conducted by the University of Guelph in 2013 that found ‘contamination’ and ‘substitution’ in herbal products in most of the products tested. As was said at the time by a spokesperson for the University of Guelph, “The industry suffers from unethical activities by some manufacturers.”

Attorney General Schneiderman launched his investigation into thirteen manufacturers in America and stated, “This investigation makes one thing abundantly clear: the old adage ‘buyer beware’ may be especially true for consumers of herbal supplements”.

“The study undertaken by Attorney General Schneiderman’s office was a well-controlled, scientifically-based documentation of the outrageous degree of adulteration in the herbal supplement industry,” stated Arthur P. Grollman, M.D., Professor of Pharmacological Sciences at Stony Brook University. “Hopefully, this action can prompt other states to follow New York’s example and lead to the reform of federal laws that, in their current form, are doing little to protect the public.”

Attorney General Schneiderman said DNA tests by his investigations found that just 21% of the test results from store brand herbal supplements verified DNA from the plants listed on the products’ labels — with 79% coming up empty for DNA related to the labeled content or verifying contamination with other plant material.

We view these as outrageous corporate crimes being perpetrated against unknowing consumers who spend their hard earned money for supplements they believe may improve their health and well being.

Attorney General Schneiderman’s cease-and-desist letters targeted 13 manufacturers, which produced 15 of the test products. These companies included:

Nutraceutical International Corporation (Soloray);

Alternative Remedies Health & Herbs;

The Kroger Co., as parent of;

FoodScience Corporation (Food Science of Vermont & DaVinci Labs);

Biopower Nutrition;

Thorne Research Inc.;

NBTY, Inc. (Puritan’s Pride);

Olympian Labs, Inc. (Prescribed Choice);

Now Foods;

Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc.;

RHG & Company Inc. (Vital Nutrients);

The Natural Healing Room & End Time Essentials; and

Shine Supplements

In the Feb. 3, 2015 release, Schneiderman announced DNA barcode testing results that indicated widespread deception: Several products tested—including saw palmetto, St. John’s Wort and Echinacea, among others—failed to contain the labeled herbs and were tainted with undeclared contaminants and fillers, such as rice and spruce.

Industry executives immediately questioned the accuracy of Schneiderman’s results. The processing of herbs into an extract, experts said, can eliminate or alter the DNA, leaving a mistaken impression that the plant material is absent from the finished product. This is where the lawyers for the corporate defendants try to quash the charges through legal maneuvering

Walmart and its co-defendants produced more than 12,000 pages of material, including internal and external testing of the supplements, manufacturing records and quality control procedures.


Carl Douglas McMillon (born October 17, 1966) is an American businessman and the president & CEO of WalMart StoresInc. SalaryUS$19.4 million (2015 compensation)


The case, In re: Herbal Supplements Marketing and Sales Practice Litigation, is still pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, 1:15-cv-05070, before the Hon. Amy J. St. Eve.


What the above all means for US as a small grower-manufacturer and for YOU as the vulnerable consumer is that big corporations are willing to spend lots of money on high powered lawyers to legally sidestep their way out of their moral and ethical responsibilities as sellers of health supplements – failing to protect the interest of consumers first.

amazon-02fake_images-counterfeit Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos infamous counterfeiter 28AMAZON1-articleLarge

It is no different than the deception and misrepresentation that is going on with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other on-line marketers who wish to hide supplement cheaters by turning a blind eye to unscrupulous sellers in their embedded ‘anonymous’ on-line stores. Amazon prints the following disclaimer on their website to attempt to legally avoid responsibility for their actions;

AMAZON DISCLAIMER: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

 For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Content on this site is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

 In other words – they, AMAZON assume no responsibility whatsoever for their actions. We brought this up to the US FDA Compliance Officer recently when we were going through the required process of becoming FDA registered for the import of our Thai FDA licensed supplements.



As a US-Thai corporation, Siam Industries International Co. Ltd recently imported their top organically cultivated herbal supplements, Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba which are fully documented, Thailand Ministry of Public Health, FDA licensed, manufactured under strict GMP standards and have all the legal and proper documents such as Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free Sale, Thailand Customs import/export licenses – adequate documentation to import the products to any country from Thailand legally.

Our first shipment to the USA in September 2017 was detained by US Customs and eventually denied entry by US FDA because the labels on the bottles didn’t meet FDA requirements in terms of what specific use the product was intended for.

We contend our labels made sound medical claims based on scientific facts. These were deemed inappropriate by US FDA guidelines because you cannot claim any medical benefits, such as; treats or helps prevent breast cancer, osteoporosis, or anti-aging. Hence, we relabeled the ladies supplement, Pueraria mirifica and toned down the actual scientific claims to state it improves vitality and addresses mild menopausal symptoms.

FDA Compliance wrote,

“The number of US import entries has increased significantly and is expected to keep rising. Unfortunately, FDA cannot possibly review all entries of FDA-regulated products, so we have to target our resources on products with the highest risk. FDA uses a risk-based system called PREDICT (Predictive Risk-based Evaluation for Dynamic Import Compliance Targeting) to screen all FDA-regulated products are before they enter the U.S. PREDICT uses automated data mining, pattern discovery, and automated queries of FDA databases to determine the potential risk of a shipment. It takes into account the inherent risk of a product, previous history of importers, manufacturers and shippers, current issues, intel received from other agencies, etc.

PREDICT is dynamic so the information it uses to evaluate entries is constantly updated. Depending on the analytical results from PREDICT, shipments may be flagged for further review, thus potentially leading to field exams, sample collection, etc.

I cannot speak as to how the companies you named (AMAZON, eBAY, ETSY) operate, but I believe you can make a complaint to those companies if you find products that are not in compliance and/or “fake” and they will review them and can remove those products from their websites as they see fit”.

As stated above, we hired a reputable law firm in 2016 to investigate certain Thai sellers on Amazon and eBay and found most of the sellers of Thai Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba on the Amazon and eBay web portals were apparently unlicensed in Thailand and were shipping undocumented ‘black market’ supplements to Amazon, eBay and others. Our law firm sent the formal letter to Amazon, eBay legal departments and others in December 2016  and they never responded. Read the PDF of letters to Amazon and eBay legal departments.

FDA went on to say, “For all future entries, the entries will be screened by our system (PREDICT) and may be flagged for further review depending on the results of the screening process. As I explained before, we may request additional information, perform a field exam, sample collection, etc. Please follow what is requested for each future entry and respond to the Notice of Action as needed.

When the products have been refused (whether after the detention period ends or at the request of the importer of record before the end of the detention period), the refused products can be: 1) exported or 2) destroyed under the supervision of FDA.

It is up to the importer of record to decide which option works for them. But CBP (US Customs) must approve it before the exportation or destruction under FDA supervision.

If the products will be destroyed under FDA supervision, we will schedule an appointment with the importer of record (or the identified contact person) to schedule the time to witness the destruction. FDA needs to receive a copy of the CBP form 3499 that’s been approved by a CBP Officer and our request form before scheduling the appointment. We can provide the request form to you if you need it”.

We believe that all in all, the US FDA screening system is quite good and designed to make safe and healthy vitamins and supplements more accessible to consumers.

Where FDA draws the line is in keeping medicine that treats an ailment or potentially prevents a disease under the laws governing pharmaceutical drugs. Perhaps this will change in the future so consumers will better understand what holistic health benefits may be derived from an herbal supplement or a tea.

NaturePaq_txt_PM_Farm19_20140617_163309.jpg                Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. organically cultivated green house

What we find most disturbing as small fully licensed organic growers and fully licensed Thai-US manufacturers is to see items on Amazon and eBay like images below left that we know full well are totally undocumented, black market, perhaps even the wrong species being illegally exported from Thailand and openly sold on Amazon and eBay as a “real Thai ” product.

Rachaa_Amazon PMSold by South Korea based BEorgan and Fulfilled by Amazon

Undocumented, it could be anything mixed in the capsules! We surmise its wild crafted herb from the rain forest that is manufactured underground in Thailand and shipped in small boxes through the postal system to avoid US Customs scrutiny and to circumvent the FDA PREDICT Compliance System.

eBay 100 capsules_PMeBay fake:

“Details about 100 % Organic Pueraria mirifica  Kwao Krua Herb- 500mg x 120 Capsules”.  Many undocumented products (like pictured above) slip through the cracks and end up in Amazon & eBay stores when imported into the USA in small boxes through the mail.


Fact is, authentic Thai manufactured products are fully regulated by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, FDA much like the USA FDA, who does a comprehensive job of screening new supplements for licensing

Pueraria-mirifica Siam -barcode-FDA license-671X1100-20171227_161151.jpg   Thailand FDA license number & manufacturer name address must be displayed on each bottle
 PuerariaMirificaSiam-400X327crop12-5-17_040336.jpg       Pueraria_mirifica_Siam_Supplemental_facts-677X999-20171227_161236.jpg                                      Ingredients:100% pure organically cultivated raw Thai Kwao Krua Kao tuber powder
NaturePaq™ brand Pueraria mirifica Siam super premium grade organically cultivated
Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao) 100 ea 250mg V-caps, S-N-KKK-ORG-100, Item: S-N PM-100ea-250mg V-caps, SKU: N-P-S-N-KKK-Org-100,  UPC: 759740480640, Thailand Ministry of Public Health,  FDA license #1-1-14153-1-0239

The point is – consumers should be able to purchase products that are sufficiently inspected by authorities, known to be 100% safe and the contents in the package be accurate to what is stated on the label adhering to US FDA labeling guidelines.

Unfortunately, you as the consumer must make the right purchase decisions because the big multinational corporations don’t care if you live or die.

If you sense that the price is too low or the packaging is amateurish compared to what is professional and legitimate, you are not doing yourself or your loved ones any favors by purchasing these undocumented products.

The objective of purchasing health supplements in the first place is to reap some actual health benefits from what you buy.

If you read our blog post of February 11th, 2017, we cited three deaths caused from products purchased from Amazon and manufactured by some of the same unethical companies that New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman served with cease-and-desist letters.

The legal procedures the big corporations are doing is bound to continue because they don’t care about anything but their bottom line profits – so the buck must stop with YOU, the consumer. Many legitimate Health Pros like the Health Ranger,  Natural News documents lots of facts on Big Business & Government corruption of health supplements. Read more on : US1930s Government

To be safe, before purchasing a health supplement, look on the packaging for;

 GMP_Green.JPG    Good Manufacturing Practices  Siam Natural S-N-KKK-Org100_rear_sticker_FDA_number-_2016_0924_133839  FDA license #

The Thailand based Siam Industries International Co. Ltd. is acclaimed globally for manufacturing top premier grade greenhouse organically cultivated Pueraria mirifica ladies herbal dietary supplements and handmade Envisage Siam brand herbal zen cosmetics containing organic PM liquid extracts.  Visit USA





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NaturePaq MoringaThon Energy Tabs to debut in USA

It’s seldom a renewable Green fortuity crops up with a likely win-win outcome for all involved! The NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ Energy Tablets address the most important aspect of our lives: Our health and well being! Its bigger than life when a product has the aims to benefit the planet, curb disease, feed 3rd world kids & boost minority women entrepreneurs with much needed capital! MoringaThon-400X500-new-barcode-tabs-packet-pouch-energy-grn-bg (1)Such is the case with Siam Natural Organics who is just now introducing a new line of organic Moringa oleifera leaf products and organic seed oil based cosmetic products sourced from farmer-growers from various remote parts of the southeast Asian region.


Unlike some manufacturers, Siam Industries International Co., Ltd. offers 100% organic and fully traceable raw source materials that are fully licensed by the Ministry of Public Health departments in both Thailand and Cambodia for purity and authenticity.


Average western consumers are basically naive about many eastern natural herbal nutrition, health & fitness plant elixirs – Those rare super-fruits and natural root compounds that can and do transform lives for the better and help prevent common diseases, promote renewed energy and assist in weight-loss.

Unfortunately, people are overwhelmed by repetitive & sometimes deceptive mass TV media campaigns and/or print media so they continue to purchase “discount” vitamins and supplements that are mostly factory heat treated extracts mixed with fillers and buffers that offer little in actual nutritional benefits.

In light of all the health issues humans endure as a result of the status quo: chemicals in foods and mass heat processed factory supplements, not to mention the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and prescription medicines, we are confident that many health issues people endure can be addressed with preventative holistic nutritional supplements like the Miracle Moringa seed oil based natural spa firming skin care lotion, and the new MoringaThon™ Energy Tablets and tea leaf products.

moringaThon tabs Moringa_Miracle comp1166X777

Part of the reason we believe so strongly in bringing the NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ Energy Tabs and Miracle Moringa Spa Facial Firming Lotion products to fruition is knowing that people are eager for affordable health, fitness, nutritional and natural antiaging products, and the 100% fresh natural products we offer can and do improve people’s looks and wellness offering a sound means and preventative measure to avoid unnecessary common diseases.

Farm-10-20170706224935 It’s all about ingesting pure natural vitamins, minerals and the amino acids building blocks to proper nutrition human cells require to maintain a strong immune system and renewed health at the molecular level.

MoringaThon-Tablets-225x98Moringa_oil 14ml dropper_248X30620170206_104330MoringaThon-capsule-250x250

Of all the organic and natural herbal health products this writer has explored, discovered and investigated over the past nearly two decades of holistic health research, the Moringa oleifera tree products sourced from the most pristine regions of south east Asia have the greatest potential to change lives for the better on a mass scale and help prevent diseases whilst simultaneously helping preserve the environment, feed 3rd world kids, and uplift small organic grower-farmer entrepreneurs to strengthen the core of the supply chain for these sumptuous natural health vitamins, minerals & amino acids rich Moringa.


Siam Industries International Co., Ltd.  (aka: Siam Natural Organics brand) of Thailand has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with NaturePaq, Inc., USA to bring their premier fully licensed Thai health, beauty, and fitness products to a Nevada USA based warehouse distribution center for quick shipping to north American consumers.

NaturePaq, inc. will also be importing the hugely popular Siam Natural Organics Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba premier organically green-house cultivated encapsulations to select health food stores for over the counter purchase.


To the best of my knowledge, there is only one other brand of authentic Pueraria mirifica available in USA stores which are 20 mg tablets manufactured in the USA and recommended for menopausal relief .

Most all of the other Thai Pueraria mirifica for ladies and Butea superba for men being sold on-line through Amazon, eBay and others are unknown, undocumented supplements without proper bacteria report documents, Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and other required export licenses from the Thailand Government & Ministry of Public Health.

Watch the 30 second HDTV promo here MoringaThon Energy Tabs



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Billionaire Jeff Bezos Tops list of Global Black Market Traffickers of health supplements.

Most recently, US NaturePaq™ corporation retained the legal services of a highly reputable Thailand law firm to investigate FAKE SELLERS of Thai health supplements on,  eBay, Etsy, Lazada and several independent web sites for engaging in unlawful internet marketing of unlicensed, undocumented Thai PUERARIA MIRIFICA and BUTEA SUPERBA, two hugely popular native Thai health supplement herbs used effectively for anti-aging, skin and hair care and natural hormone balancing for renewed vitality and rejuvenation.

fake_thai_pm_pills_pie_powderil_570xn-532215046_7quv                                                              above image is fake undocumented Pueraria mirifica sold on Amazon

The Thailand Ministry of Public Health, FDA has strict regulations for manufacturing and exporting these two natural food supplements as they are considered a Thai National treasure. Much of what is being sold on multinational web sites such as AMAZON has no documentation and to date, Amazon remains in denial about accepting responsibility for screening it’s store sellers of any health supplements.

The Hua Hin, Thailand Law firm was retained in late 2016 by NaturePaq™ corporation to research and compile a “white list” of authentic licensed sellers of Thai Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba. In January 2017 a registered letter was sent to legal department head, Mr. David A. Zapolsky, Senior VP  and General Counsel, but so far Amazon legal department has failed to respond to the letter which names several Amazon Store sellers. The letter simply requested Amazon’s cooperation in compiling a “white List” of authentic manufacturers/sellers of Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba. A  NaturePaq™ media spokesperson stated the US Department of State in Bangkok will be notified in writing in a follow up letter to both  Amazon and eBay by mid February 2017. founder Jeff Bezos tops the list of global black market traffickers in health supplements which poses a significant threat to the well-being of the general public in light of several deaths and numerous reports of fraud, cover up and denial.

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed by the estate of a young man who died after taking “pure caffeine powder” manufactured by Hard Rhino and sold on


Unfortunately, this is nothing new as Amazon has been legally dodging good business ethics and fair trade practices for many years and still does in the name of greed, spearheaded by billionaire, Jeff Bezos, whose corporate policy is both reckless and corrupt with total disregard for the health & well being of consumers.

The lawsuit was filed in Ohio state court against Amazon, Hard Rhino and affiliated companies in connection with the death of Logan Stiner, an 18-year-old who died on May 27, 2014, just three days before his high school graduation. The teenager was a student-athlete who planned to attend the University of Toledo, volunteered with the Special Olympics and was a member of the National Honor Society, according to the Logan Stiner Foundation. The coroner cited Logan’s cause of death as “cardiac arrhythmia and seizure due to acute caffeine toxicity due to excessive caffeine ingestion,” according to the lawsuit. Amazon, its counsel and Hard Rhino failed to respond to requests for comment.


Two soldiers died after using the workout booster Jack3d (pronounced Jacked). Federal health regulators issued a warning that the stimulant in Jack3d and other fat-burning products, called dimethylamylamine, or DMAA, frequently raises blood pressure and heart rate, and could cause heart attacks.

Following the warning, a lawsuit was filed against USPlabs, the developer and marketer of Jack3d, and against GNC, the store where he bought the product.

Death By Dietary Supplement

In the 20 years since Congress passed the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), FDA has rarely invoked its administrative rulemaking authority to ban natural products that have been associated with health hazards. Loren Israelsen, president of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) can only recall one instance in which FDA removed supplements from the market under DSHEA based on a finding that the products posed “a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury.”

That was in 2004 after products containing ephedra were linked to adverse health outcomes, such as heart attack and stroke. [Josh Long excerpts: Complications for Regulators


Whether FDA would invest the legal and scientific capital to seek a ban on pure caffeine remains an open question. Vasilios (Bill) Frankos, Ph.D., a former FDA official and current Herbalife Ltd. executive, cited “enormous” manpower that FDA invested over a period of years to compile the administrative record in support of the ephedra ban—not to mention years of litigation challenging FDA in the courts. Frankos, then an FDA senior science advisor, was not involved with the ephedra ban, but he went on to become director of FDA’s  Division of Dietary Supplement Programs before joining Herbalife in 2010. [As the law stands] “the burden to show a significant risk is much higher than the normal standards that are used by FDA to allow the marketing of a dietary supplement, which is basically showing there is no harm and that product has what is called ‘a history of safe use,’” said Frankos, Herbalife’s senior vice president of global regulatory compliance and product safety, in a phone interview. He predicted such a ban would face challenges in court.

Nutrients and herbs are naturally occurring substances and therefore cannot be patented unless their structure is changed through genetic engineering or chemical processes.

organically_cultivated_pueraria_mirifica_kwao-krua-kwao_green_house_01                               Authentic organically cultivated Siam Natural herbs & teas are known to help prevent health issues

Pharmaceutical industry PR departments and industry-funded scientists have been behind unnecessary herb and vitamin scares, citing lack of uniformity or actual danger to persons who take supplements. Subsequently some natural products have been withdrawn from sale while massive drug and biotech multi-nationals work behind the scenes to chemically alter and patent natural substances as pharmaceuticals. In Australia alone the increasing popularity of natural products has deprived the global pharmaceutical market of 2 billion dollars annually. This has brought in its wake an accelerating clampdown on complementary medicine (using natural products)

Death Blow To Natural Supplements

[excerpts © Eve Hillary full article]

Like its US FDA counterpart, the Australian TGA states that it “is obligated to take action where there is concern in relation to the quality, safety and effectiveness of medicines.”

Each year delegates gather in a European city to convene the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The first commission was convened in 1963 as a joint effort between the UN and the WHO (world health organization). Since that time the Codex delegates have overwhelmingly represented large multi-national pharmaceutical companies and government regulating authorities including the FDA and TGA.

The delegates are determining an eight-step guideline that is already being implemented in many countries of the world. The Codex guidelines are intended to prevent the further sale of supplements and herbs and to regulate them as drugs to be manufactured solely by drug companies.

 In accord with the Codex guidelines, supplements are being slowly withdrawn from the public domain.

There are no representatives of small vitamin manufacturers and retailers at Codex meetings and health supplement consumers are not represented, as they are not eligible to attend.

There is no press allowed during these meetings. Each successive meeting at the Codex commission advances the coming agenda to set worldwide guidelines on vitamins, supplements and herbs. The full restriction of supplements and herbs is enacted as an eight-step process and begins with seemingly innocent changes that the regulator adopts at first. Finally each country is brought closer to full harmonization when the consumer can no longer access supplements or herbs.

The guidelines include the setting of recommended daily intake (RDI) levels of supplements, which are set so low as to make therapeutic doses or prophylactic doses of supplements impossible and technically illegal. Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have already harmonized to step 5. Once harmonized, the codex recommendation, becomes enshrined in that country’s statutes and laws are strictly observed. One Scandinavian vitamin supplier was chased by the federal police for supplying vitamin C tablets that exceeded 200 mg. The amount of vitamin C contained in three oranges had made this man a criminal.

Canada has recently harmonized with Codex, with its regulator withdrawing nearly half of the stocks in health food stores overnight. Possession of one popular supplement DHEA in Canada now attracts the same penalties as crack cocaine. The Canadian regulator is empowered to classify any substance as a drug and it makes no difference if that substance is a food that has been consumed for millions of years and is perfectly safe. That product can be recalled or removed from the market.

As Codex continues its march, herbs are increasingly classed as drugs with restricted access. Germany has already complied fully by regulating all supplements and herbs as drugs. In a country with an age-old tradition of natural medicine, no one can freely access these products now. This is designed to assist drug companies in their technology of Pharma-Printing, which produces versions of herbs that will be standardized and patented by drug companies and approved by government regulators as drugs. In a press release six years ago, the WHO has announced its collaboration with Pharma-Print, a California based Biotech Company, which has already started to standardize useful herbs such as Gingko, St. John’s Wart, Valerian and many others. (9)

Once patented, useful herbs will then be banned and removed from the public domain, even for garden use. There has already been a Federal police raid carried out on a couple in northern NSW who planted a Chinese herb in their garden to use as tea. (10) (10) Beware Therapeutic Goods Act Proposed changes. By Susan Drew Rasmussen Sources:

Anyone wanting to inform themselves of these issues should access the website of John Hammell, a prominent health freedom advocate, founder of the International Advocates for Health Freedom

For the time being, all herbs and supplements have now been allocated DIN (drug identification numbers) which many regulators have now adopted and implemented in their respective countries as they gradually harmonize with the codex “recommendations”. Australian TGA officials have distributed much of this DIN software to other countries. The TGA is in the process of pressuring New Zealand to adopt similar restrictive standards as are currently in Australia. Graham Peachey, the one time director of the chemicals and non-prescription medicines branch of the TGA has taken over the task of persuading NZ to harmonize to the same level as Australia. That includes the prohibition of any therapeutic claim made with respect to nutritional supplements, even if there exist medical studies to support those claims. So far NZ has resisted moves in that direction, placing value on health freedom for its citizens. However, failure to implement these Codex standards will result in sanctions against governments by the WTO.

There is a fortune to be made by multinational drug companies solely controlling the manufacture and sale of all life sustaining natural products. Many doctors and health freedom advocates are deeply disturbed by these events.

Dr. Matthias Rath, a medical specialist in nutritional medicine demonstrated that nutritional supplements reversed many conditions including heart disease. He states. “If the Codex Commission is allowed to obstruct the eradication of heart disease by restricting access to nutritional supplements, more than 12 million people world-wide will continue to die every year from premature heart attacks and strokes.

Within the next generation alone, this would result in over 300 million premature deaths, more than in all the wars of mankind together.”

Doctors trained in nutritional medicine as well as qualified naturopaths, use supplements therapeutically as an adjunct to orthodox treatments or as holistic treatments.

The science behind natural medicine has been widely denied by orthodox medicine and is largely kept out of medical student’s curricula.


However nutrients have been used and studied for thousands of years and there is a large body of valid scientific evidence that shows therapeutic nutrients are highly effective in treating a wide range of conditions.

Thai monk preparing herbal medicines, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia

Most health consumers take supplements because they perceive a health benefit and are not even aware that there is solid science behind nutritional therapies.


This research is little mentioned in the media, which nearly always portrays nutritional therapies as being solely practiced by unqualified quacks.

Media disinformation is issued directly from pharmaceutical company public relations departments on a daily basis through journalists and industry-sponsored doctors embedded in the media and other key positions. (8)


This has been occurring for over 40 years and is well documented in the chemical industry archives, documents released through litigation. (7)

Much of the public confusion on the issue results from drug industry misinformation, which frequently refers to nutrient supplements as medicines or even drugs. Nutrients are not drugs.


Humans require dozens of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to stay alive and healthy. The body knows how to use these and eliminates the excess as it has done for millions of years. The need for supplements has increased recently, after it has been shown that plant-based foods are now grown on barren and demineralized soils, which do not supply plants with optimum nutrients. Humans then eat nutritionally deficient plants.


Orthodox doctors claim the standard western diet contains all we need and additional supplements are flushed down the toilet,. This view appears to be myopic or at least poorly informed, given that 75% of all Australian deaths are a result of lifestyle factors. This includes poor diet and the resulting nutritional deficiencies.

Learn more about  superfruits, herbs & rare Asian teas on


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The Perfect Protein – Organic Deep Sea ‘whole fish’ protein V-caps & powder

  Marine Protein Powder Capsules best fish protein powder supplement

The Perfect Protein organic deep sea whole fish protein extract Not all protein is created equal!

We bring you the best of the best  Green Marine Protein – Nutrition for every body!

We’re absolute when it come to following green sustainable business practices.

GREEN MARINE PROTEIN now available on

Introducing the latest patented biotech breakthrough in ‘green’ sustainable (FPP) fish protein powder processing rendering nutritionally superior Green Marine Protein powder as the ultimate organic whole food supplement that’s environmentally friendly, flavorless, odorless, non-hygroscopic, free from bacteria and 98% bioavailable & fast digesting.

Green Marine Protein is clean deep sea whole fish protein powder that’s the ideal replacement for dairy and soy based proteins that can contain growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides.



Green Marine Protein whole fish powder contains a superior balance of minerals & amino acids as a nutritional supplement for people from all walks of life and especially for fitness minded, pregnant women, the aging, bodybuilders, and institutional nutrition, hospitals and/or rehabilitation settings to replace GMO based soy products, dairy (whey) products & calcium carbonate (sourced from limestone)


For fitness minded individuals, smaller more frequent whole food nutrition consumption is the healthiest way to eat whether your goal is toning & firming muscle mass or weight loss. To keep the body balanced people need to consume a complete protein every three hours. This is now much easier to do with super high grade organic whole fish Green Marine Protein powder in 500 mg. V-caps. Calcium is most often associated with bone health, and it’s essential in preventing osteoporosis, bone loss, and degenerative bone disease. The primary component of human skeletons is calcium phosphate.

The Calciam in organic whole fish protein powder (110mg/100grams) is 98% bioavailable.

Builds new muscle mass & stronger bone, joint & cartilage structure

Plus benefit from organic fish collagen for increased agility and glowing skin & hair. 

Green Marine Protein powder is superior in balanced nutrition due to the unique amino acid profile and abundance of naturally occurring organically bound minerals found in fish,

Green Marine Protein treats:

Osteoporosis (high content of natural calcium)

Stiff joints

Sore ligaments,

Fast healing of bone and tissue growth in post orthopedic surgery patients & use in clinical physiotherapy  

Benefits of fish protein powder (FPP)
The increasing awareness that dried fish protein can be applied for food fortification and production of value added/functional foods has encouraged the food industry to examine different methods for developing fish protein ingredient from different raw materials.
Fish protein powder (FPP) is a dried and stable fish product, intended for human consumption, in which the protein is more concentrated than in the original fish flesh & bones.
The oceans contain approximately 80% of the earth’s biomass and the potential for nutritional, therapeutic and functional ingredients are endless. Marine ingredients are used in a range of products intended for animal and human consumption, food processing as well as alternative purposes such as cosmetics. Fishmeal and fish oil were traditionally considered to be one of the most important products derived from fish destined for non-food uses. However, recent innovations and developments on non-food fish and especially on the by-products from food fish production have led to a number of new marine products such as bio-active compounds, marine proteins and food processing aids.

Seafood processing generates vast amounts of by-products such as trimmings, fins, frames, heads, shells, skin and viscera which can be converted and utilised as valuable products. The utilization of by-products is essential because it eliminates waste by increasing efficiency through value addition.

Fish protein hydrolysates are the breakdown product of fish proteins into smaller peptides of generally between 2-20 amino acids by addition of enzymes such as papain and can be in liquid or powder form.
Bio-active peptides are isolated from fish muscle protein after enzymatic hydrolysis. These fish-derived bioactive peptides exhibit unique structural properties, amino acid composition and sequences that have a number of potential uses under investigation such as antioxidants, antihypertensive, immunomodulatory or as antimicrobial peptides.
The characteristics of the purified peptides imply that they have potential for the prevention and treatment of cancer, and that they might also be useful as molecular models in anticancer drug research.

Fish bone minerals
Fish bone is also a good source of collagen and gelatin but it is also an excellent source of calcium and other minerals such as phosphorus that can be used in food, feed or as a supplement. Calcium phosphates such as hydroxyapatite present in fish bone have been used for rapid bone repair after major trauma or surgery.

The internal organs of fish from processing plants often go to waste but are in fact an excellent source of enzymes. The specific characteristics of fish internal organ enzymes ensure that these fish by-products are a rich source of specialised enzymes. A range of proteolytic fish enzymes are extracted which include pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin and collagenases as well as lipase enzymes.

Research has found people with high-protein diets have increased bone density, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

With the evolution of refining and processing technology and expanded research on the nutrition of fish proteins and peptides, a new industry has developed for the specific purpose of producing a marine protein powder for human consumption with the intent of reaching new ingredient uses and markets.
The FPP end product is now used in a variety of food ingredient applications including sports nutrition, food additives and supplements all of which depend on the finished fish protein powder produced such that it is hygienically safe and also meets sensory requirements of taste, odor and function in prepared foods. Cold water fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel are an ideal source of protein that has a great amino acid profile and confers health benefits related to both the protein itself and the Omega-3 fatty acids that you just can’t find in other proteins..


Protein 92%
Fat 0.2
Cholesterol 0.0
Pepsin 98
Moisture 3.1
Ash 3.2

Minerals mg per 100 grams
Collagen 7.9
Calcium 110
Chromium (mcg) 1.5
Copper 4.1
Iron 7.4
Magnesium 130

Gluten free
All Natural Non-GMO
No heavy metals
98% rapidly digestable

Get in shape with the best of the best

Green Marine Protein 100% whole fish extract powder with 11 natural minerals 18 amino acids

Green Marine Protein powder in 500 mg V-caps

additional benefits include

• heart & cardiovascular system/blood circulation

• weight loss & weight control management

• healthy endocrine system balancing

• builds new muscle mass

• Firms & tones body

• renews red blood cells for healthy skin, bones, cartilage, joints

• contains an ideal nutritional balance that increases cognitive skills & abilities

Green Marine Protein powder is manufactured from the finest FDA approved fresh ocean wild fish (for human consumption) as the main raw materials.
The latest APP patented extraction technology utilizes safe biodegradable additives and concentrates to process the fully ground mixture of the entire fish including meat, bones and skin through a series of reactors and filters for the final extraction and separation of the purified marine protein powder and Omega-3 oil – Free from bacteria and 98% digestible. This new innovative APP biotechnology extraction process uses the water from the fish itself along with 100% biodegradable additives and concentrates to produce the Green Marine Protein power without the use of fresh water or heat, hence preserving the highest possible organic protein, mineral and amino acids content while saving energy & natural resources.

Green Marine Protein powder is available in one pound cans and 120 ea 500mg V-caps from

GREEN MARINE PROTEIN is a high quality, organically derived, wild marine-based protein powder, which is highly stable with a shelf life of over 5 years. It is virtually odorless and tasteless with high levels of naturally occurring organic minerals giving it a nutritional profile superior to other protein powders on the market. GREEN MARINE PROTEIN is made using the newly patented APP manufacturing process that is both green and sustainable. It is non-hygroscopic and very moisture resistant contributing to its long shelf life.

This report presents an overview of the health benefits of the all natural GREEN MARINE PROTEIN product that is APP processed powder comparing it with BlueWave, another fish protein product on the market and also with several examples from the two most common protein supplement categories available: whey and soy.

(excerpts from AAP product/process comparison by Julie Spero, MBA, NC) “APP Product is an exciting new proprietary process technology for use in therapeutic nutritional therapies. APP is comparable in BV value to the best quality whey protein products on the market and superior in balanced nutrition due to the unique amino acid profile and abundance of naturally occurring organically bound minerals found in fish”.

About Whey protein powder

Whey used to be considered a dairy industry waste product. Whey is what remains after the butter, cream, milk is drawn off and the cheese has been made. The dairy industry long considered whey a problem because dumping it into sewer systems or feeding it to pigs cost as much or slightly more than the value of the whey as a commodity. This problem was solved when manufacturers developed techniques for drying the whey at high temperatures and putting the powders into body building powders, high protein bars and other food products.

While there are some high quality whey protein powders available, many more are of marginal or poor quality. The most expensive and better quality products are made from organic milk and processed at low temperatures to preserve the maximum amino acid content potential and maintain a full range of important protein components such as immunoglobulins and serum albumin (which are also present in GREEN MARINE fish protein). The quality of other whey protein powders can vary widely depending on the source of the milk used as well as the various steps in processing. Commercial milk often contains growth hormone (rBGH) and a number of antibiotics; the FDA has approved thirty. An estimated sixty percent of herbicides used in the U.S. as well as pesticides and other petrochemicals are applied to produce higher yields of feed crops that are eaten by commercial dairy cows and are present in the milk they produce. The method of processing is also very important in determining the quality of whey protein. Mass market whey proteins can be acid or bleach
processed, stripping away important nutritional components making it necessary to add back laboratory produced amino acids in order to meet nutrition specifications. As you can see, the quality of the whey can only be as good as the quality of the food, nutrition and care given to the cows as well as the quality and care used in processing the milk into the whey protein powder.

The Whey protein products chosen for this comparison represent products that are available for purchase in bulk or commonly used in protein drinks and bars. They include an organic whey protein product from Source Organic who declare their cows have never been given hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or genetically modified feed (GMO). The others are plain protein products with no flavoring added. Whey protein (of good quality) is one of the most bio-available sources of supplemental protein available at 96-98%. As mentioned,
the quality can vary considerably depending on the milk source and the methods used in processing.

Source Organic Whey protein is processed using low temperature drying and filtration and therefore retains immune components as well as glutathione.

American whey protein is unflavored, however it does contains xanthan gum

Both American Whey and NutriBio are whey protein isolates with protein levels at around 90%.

About Soy protein powder

The Solae Company, owned by DuPont, is a leader in developing soy products and ingredients for food.

On their website they tout the healthy benefits of their soy protein and discuss the sustainability of soy and the limited environmental impact of growing it.
While it may well be true that soy production uses less water and provides more usable protein per acre than other crops or animals, these markers of sustainability come at a big price.
Currently 93% of all soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified (Fernandez-Cornejo 07/5/2012)

A number of studies over the past decade have revealed that genetically engineered foods can pose serious risks to humans, domesticated animals, wildlife and the environment. Human health effects can include higher risks of toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune-suppression and cancer. As for the environment, genetic modification allows these plants to be sprayed more heavily with herbicides and pesticides, further polluting our air, land, and water supplies.

There are additional health problems associated with the use of soy. Soy contains goitrogens that block thyroid hormones, lowering metabolism, disrupting endocrine function and can lead to Hashimotos or Graves autoimmune disorders. There are a number of compounds in the soybean that inhibit digestion. In addition, soy contains high amounts of phyto (plant) estrogens, which promote high estrogen levels (and hormonal imbalance) in both men and women (Daniel, PhD, CCN 2005). iii

In a 2000 letter to the FDA about the potential dangers of soy, Daniel Doerge and Daniel Sheehan (the FDAs key experts and researchers on soy) wrote:

“there is abundant evidence that some of the isoflavones found in soy, including genistein and equol, a metabolize of daidzen, demonstrate toxicity in estrogen sensitive tissues and in the thyroid. This is true for a number of species, including humans.”

“Additionally, isoflavones are inhibitors of the thyroid peroxidase which makes T3 and T4. Inhibition can be expected to generate thyroid abnormalities, including goiter and autoimmune thyroiditis. There exists a significant body of animal data that demonstrates goitrogenic and even carcinogenic effects of soy products. Moreover, there are significant reports of goitrogenic effects from soy consumption in human infants and adults” (Sheehan, 2000). iv

There are two soy protein products included in this comparison: NutriBio and Bulkfoods.
Both are pure protein products with no flavoring or additives.

Fish Protein Processing

There are two main methods for extracting protein from fish, which differ considerably from the patented APP (food-grade) solvent extraction system.

The first is an enzymatic hydrolysis process involving the use of enzymes to break down the protein structures into amino acids. This process is complex, requiring varying and multiple enzymes as well as controlled temperature and pH in the hydrolysis of the proteins. To overcome some of the difficulties with the enzymatic process, enzyme membrane reactors (EMR) can be used to produce amino acids. Drawbacks also exist with EMR including deactivation and potential poisoning of the enzymes, temperature and pH sensitivity, et al.

The second is a chemical hydrolysis process using acid or alkali to breakdown the protein into amino acids. In addition to the chemical component, the main disadvantage with this process is the amino acids tryptophan and cysteine as well as the partial destruction of tyrosine, serine, and threonine (Ghaly, 2013).

APP – ADVANCE PROTEIN POWDER is a Registered Trademark of Advance International Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,663,725

Chances are the calcium supplement you are taking now is actually derived from rock. The label will say “calcium carbonate,” which is limestone. Calcium Carbonate is an inorganic form of calcium, that nutritionally is the equivalent to eating rocks. It is extremely difficult for the body to absorb and utilize this form of calcium because the body does not recognize it as food.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Distributed by Siam Industries International/Siam Natural Organic Products

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Siam Natural Introduces FEMM++ Gel with the addition of Curcuma comosa HG SFE Liquid Exract

Siam Natural Organics of Thailand recently introduced an a all new FEMM++ Vaginal Restoration Gel with both Pueraria mirifica & the addition of Curcuma comosa liquid SFE ‘green’ extracts. Not only is this a restorative vaginal gel, recent research indicates Curcuma comosa also contains anti-tumor & antioxidant properties.

In Thai traditional medicine, Curcuma comosa has been used for generations as a natural folklore remedy for women who  suffer from uterus related problems to relieve  pain, retain the uterus to its original position, and tighten the sagging abdominal surface after childbirth. It also tightens the vagina, normalizes the menstrual cycle, nourishes the uterus and vagina, and helps improve female libido by moisturizing the vagina activating natural vaginal lubrication secretions.

Probably the best all natural herbal treatment for vaginal restoration is Thai Kwao Krua Kao (Puerria mirifica), a root tuber used  by native people for hundreds of years.

The benefits of the Siam Natural FEMM++ Gel w/Pueraria mirifica are tightening of vaginal muscles, repairing vaginal wall prolapse, relieving premenstrual conditions such as cramps, and providing relief from menopausal symptoms.

Siam Natural Organics now has FEMM++ Vaginal Gel available with the latest Curcuma comosa HG ‘green’ SFE liquid extract making the new FEMM++ w Pueraria mirifica & Curcuma comosa the most powerful herbal feminine restoration gel treatment available.

Additional benefits with the Curcuma comosa HG liquid extract

• Nourishing uterus, cervix and vagina
• Relieving uterus pain & inflammation
• Reducing lipids & cholesterol in the blood that are risk factor for development of  Atherosclerosis and the incidence of Cardiovascular disease
• Antioxidant activity
• Tightening vagina & activating vaginal lubrication secretion
• Prevention/treatment of Osteoporosis
Vaginal lubrication is an important factor                                                          Curcuma comosa not only tightens the vaginal walls and uterus, it induces secretion of a lubricating fluid naturally produced in a woman’s vagina. Vaginal lubrication or moistness is always present, but production increases significantly during sexual arousal in anticipation of sexual intercourse.
Vaginal dryness is the condition in which this lubrication is insufficient, and sometimes artificial lubricants are used to augment it.

Without sufficient lubrication, sexual intercourse can be painful to women. The vaginal lining has no glands, and therefore the vagina must rely on other methods of lubrication. Plasma seepage from vaginal walls due to vascular engorgement is considered to be the chief lubrication source and the Bartholin’s glands, located slightly below and to the left and right of the introitus (vaginal opening) also secrete mucus to augment vaginal-wall secretions.

The natural female vaginal lubricator fluid contains water, pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols and glycols, ketones, and aldehydes.[1] It can vary in consistency, texture, taste, color, and odor, depending on sexual arousal, the phase of the menstrual cycle, the presence of an infection, certain drugs, genetic factors, and diet.
Vaginal fluid is normally slightly acidic and can become more acidic with certain sexually transmitted diseases. The normal pH of vaginal fluid is between 3.8 and 4.5,[2][3] whereas male semen is typically between 7.2 and 8.0 (a neutral substance has a pH of 7.0).[4]

The human vagina is innervated by nerves that respond to vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP). As a consequence, VIP induces an increase in vaginal blood flow accompanied by an increase in vaginal lubrication. The findings suggest that VIP may participate in the control of the local physiological changes observed during sexual arousal: genital vasodilation and increase in vaginal lubrication.[5]

Vaginal dryness                                                                                                              Insufficient lubrication or vaginal dryness in women can cause dyspareunia, which is a type of sexual pain disorder.
While vaginal dryness is considered an indicator for sexual arousal disorder, male circumcision exacerbates female vaginal dryness during intercourse.[6] Vaginal dryness may also result from insufficient excitement and stimulation or from hormonal changes caused by menopause (potentially causing atrophic vaginitis), pregnancy, or breast-feeding. Irritation from contraceptive creams and foams can also cause dryness, as can fear and anxiety about sexual intimacy.

Certain medications, including some over-the-counter antihistamines, as well as life events such as pregnancy, lactation, menopause, aging or diseases such as diabetes, will inhibit lubrication. Medicines with anticholinergic or sympathomimetic effects will dry out the mucosal or “wet” tissues of the vagina. Such medicines include many common drugs for allergenic, cardiovascular, psychiatric, and other medical conditions. Oral contraceptives may also increase or decrease vaginal lubrication. Older women produce less vaginal lubrication and reduced estrogen levels may be associated with increased vaginal dryness.[7] [references at bottom]

Though they might not talk about it, some women may worry about the size of their vagina and how it affects sexual pleasure, particularly after having a baby. Not a lot of research has been done in this area and because there are so many variables at play in women’s sexuality it is difficult to tell if vagina size and sexual pleasure are linked.

“Our ability to understand size as it relates to sexual function is poorly understood,” Christopher Tarnay, MD, director of the division of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at the UCLA Medical Center. “But in the last 10 to 15 years, there has been a lot more attention paid to the field of sexual medicine.”

Accommodating and Changeable

The vagina is a very “elastic” organ, says Christine O’Connor, MD, director of adolescent gynecology and well women care at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. It is small enough to hold a tampon in place, but can expand enough to pass a child through. This is because the walls of the vagina are similar to those of the stomach, they have rugae, meaning they fold together to collapse when unused, then expand when necessary. “It doesn’t stay one particular size,” O’Connor says. “It changes to accommodate whatever is going on at that time.” The most commonly used measurements regarding the size of vaginas come from Masters and Johnson’s work from the 1960s. They looked at 100 women who had never been pregnant and found that vagina lengths, unstimulated, range from 2.75 inches to about 3¼ inches. When a woman is aroused, it increased to 4.25 inches to 4.75 inches.
Regardless of how long the vagina is, the area that is thought to be important for most women’s sexual response is the outer one-third.

Antioxidant properties in Curcuma comosa                                                    Protection against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in mice by Curcuma comosa Roxb.

The protective effect of an ethanol extract of Curcuma comosa against cisplatin-induced renal toxicity in mice was studied. The results suggest that the ethanol extract of C. comosa exhibits effective protection against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity mediated through its antioxidant activity.  Protection against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in mice by Curcuma comosa Roxb. ethanol extract.

Arusa Chaovanalikit
Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand

Cisplatin is one of the most widely used chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of several human malignancies. The efficacy of cisplatin is dose dependent, but the significant risk of nephrotoxicity frequently hinders the use of higher doses to maximize its antineoplastic effects. Several advances in our understanding of the biochemical
and molecular mechanisms underlying cisplatin nephrotoxicity have recently emerged, and are reviewed in this article. Evidence is presented for distinct mechanisms of cisplatin toxicity in actively dividing tumor cells versus the normally quiescent renal proximal tubular epithelial cells. The unexpected role of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase
in cisplatin nephrotoxicity is elucidated. Recent studies demonstrating the ability of proximal tubular cells to metabolize cisplatin to a nephrotoxin are reviewed. The evidence for apoptosis as a major mechanism underlying cisplatin-induced renal cell injury is presented, along with the data exploring the role of specific intracellular pathways that may mediate the programmed cell death. The information gleaned from this review may provide critical clues to novel therapeutic interventions aimed at minimizing cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity while enhancing its antineoplastic efficacy.

Marie H. Hanigan and Prasad Devarajan

Siam Natural FEMM++ Vaginal Restoration Gel

Available from Siam Natural Organics

“ Female Body Fluids”. Retrieved 2007-10-22.
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“Optimizing Natural Fertility” (PDF). Retrieved 2013-11-11.
International Family Planning Perspectives, Volume 24, Number 2, June 1998, Vaginal Drying Agents and HIV Transmission by Karen E. Kun.
Local voices: What some Harare men say about preparation for sex
Concern voiced over “dry sex” practices in South Africa
“Dry sex” worsens AIDS numbers in southern Africa –

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Siam Natural Sea Collagen Hyrdrolysate Benefits


Some doctors are referring to the benefits of Sea Collagen Hydrolysate as the new anti-aging product of the century for;

skin tissue
blood cell growth

Depletion of collagen in the skin leads to the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of aging, which is why you’ve probably heard of collagen in relation to anti-aging products. Depletion of collagen in connective tissue, which often occurs naturally as a result of age, can contribute to such conditions as arthritis and musculo-skeletal injuries due to a lack of support for the joints.

Fish Collagen – Type I is the most abundant of the many types of Collagen and are found in bones, tendons, skin and tissues. Studies support that collagen peptides type I extracted from fish consist of small peptide molecules that have a superior bio-availability and digestibility compare to other collagen products. Due to smaller molecular weight, it is absorbed at a higher level through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body, leading to the collagen synthesis in the joint tissues, bones and skin dermis.


Hydrolyzed Collagen is the missing link in supplying amino acids like glycine, proline and lysine that are required by the body to build connective tissue to regulate cell growth.
Fish collagen peptides are also characterized by their specific amino acid composition, with a high concentration of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These amino acids have nutri-functional properties supporting health and beauty. Hydroxyproline peptides such as
Pro-Hyp or Hyp-Gly stimulate cells in the skin, joints and bones, and leads to collagen synthesis through cell activation, suppression and growth.
In particular, the amount of Hyp-containing peptide such as in the fish scale is significantly higher after ingestion than in any other form of collagen and can be detected in the blood.

Collagen is one of the most important structural constituents in our bodies, representing 1/15 of our total body weight. This fiber-shaped protein plays an extremely important role in ensuring the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and skeletal muscles.fish_collagen_CU

As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, thus, it starts to break down. This is why skin sags and wrinkles: hair becomes thinner, dull, or lifeless; joints are stiffer and less flexible; and bodies become softer and have less tone. Diet, age, stress, digestive system, and physical activity all affect our ability to provide the body with the nutritional raw materials it requires. Supplementing with collagen protein is believed to provide the body with the amino acids necessary to manufacture and support collagen in order to remain healthy and active.

Collagen is one of the most important structural substances in our bodies, accounting for 25 to 30% of its total protein – 75% of our skin is collagen. It is the key component for supple and radiant healthy skin.  Loss of collagen leads to a collapsing dermal layer and this contributes to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The environment also affects our skin and UVA/UVB exposure induces skin damage and loss of collagen. Everyone can benefit from taking sea collagen and maintaining the integrity of the extracellular matrix is essential for a youthful skin appearance.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is unique in its amino acid structure because of its high amounts of glycine, lysine and proline, which are found in lower amounts in other protein food supplements. These particular amino acids are found to generate cell growth much quicker because the natural ability to produce supporting amounts of connective tissue diminishes after the age of 25.
Hydrolyzed Collagen is more easily digested because of its low molecular weight and is absorbed within 30 minutes.
All of the amino acids collectively are beneficial to cell reproduction, but it is the distinctive spectrum of this product that impacts the metabolic pathways to healthy tissue.
Hydrolyzed Collagen is beneficial in replacing the synovial fluids between the joints and secondly, to repair and build cartilage weakened by overuse through impact and stress. Our bodies are made up of 30% collagen of which 70% of these proteins are connective tissue made of collagen.

Buy Siam Natural Sea Collagen hydrolysate 100 ea. 400mg V-caps available here

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Siam Natural Organics Launches On-Line Health, Beauty & Fitness Club


Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club Innovation in “Naturals”

Siam Natural Organics of Thailand introduces an innovative monthly health, beauty & fitness nutritional program providing our members with a fresh array of all natural organic supplement products in monthly rotation Siam Natural Kwao Krua Kao root tuber images x3so each receive a full selection of 100% natural vitamins, minerals, nutriments & amino acids for a significant cost reduction compared to purchasing products separately, plus members enjoy the numerous combined health, beauty, skin care, disease prevention, anti-aging & longevity benefits that natural super-fruits, herbs, flower nutriments, natural vitamins & minerals offer.

We’ve launched a new global mobile & web radio broadcast called Paradisemoon100 Radio with trivia gifts & raffles that plays rockstarsbg 672x450 Top 100 rock stars 24/7 blended with informative “infotainment” promos that provide listeners valuable information about the herbal botanical “Naturals”, herbs, teas, & super-fruit products we cultivate and sell on-line. Compared to the “synthetics” being sold in health food stores, our Siam Natural Organics Health & Fitness Club is a breath of fresh air for health, natural beauty and fitness minded people all over the world, getting back to the basics!clouds_lady600X393Learn more about the new Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club

Essentially, for a few dollars a day Siam Natural’s certified herbalists tailor a monthly assortment of natural herbs & teas that will keep your body “in balance” & fit for a longer life & optimum vitality. Siam Natural will provide you an affordable single monthly package of a well rounded assortment of herbs, super-fruits & rare nutriment teas that give you the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural nutriments that you won’t find at the health food store. We offer “naturals” as opposed to so-called modern “synthetics”.
By joining the Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club you save money & cut to the chase with our natural beauty & fitness program without you having to stop to research and learn everything there is to know about Asian holistic health herbs & teas. health-fitness-club-sample-products-12-01-13 002crA sample array of products pictured above is from the  Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club. Members receive four to six natural nutriment & regenerative supplements per month alternating slightly each month with various herbs & teas so they are always fresh and your body receives an ideal balance of 100% natural nutritional vitamins, minerals, & amino acids. KKK_Organic_V-caps_1277_196The heart & foundation for this program is the rejuvenating herb for ladies, Pueraria mirifica, & Butea superba for men. Kwao_Krua_Dang_194X399e_0969

It’s an exciting innovation for us to step out with an all natural holistic health, beauty, & fitness program that will benefit our members far beyond the scope of what they are currently buying in “synthetics” from health food stores & pharmacies.

In designing this program, we realized that people can benefit much more by having a well rounded alternating monthly array of fresh natural super-fruits, flowers, herbs & plant vitamins & nutriments. We grow certain unique native rainforest herb teas that are little known much less available in the west. Pictured below, Pha Krabit, also known as Twisted Jute Pha_Krabit_Holistic_tea_600X450-1979Generally speaking, westerners are unfamiliar with ancient holistic herbs, super-fruits & teas. Most people may not even be aware that Thailand is the ‘fruit bowl’ of Asia and remains primarily an agricultural based economy. RoselleCU400XThai_fruit400X300_3-29-14 002It’s also the largest exporter of fish & marine products to Asia which is key to our access to pure marine collagen hydrolysate. Fish_collagen_structure_CU
Siam Natural products traditionally specialized in native Thai organic herbal compounds & extracts for hormone balancing for women & men. By applying these ancient healing techniques in your life, you can significantly improve your well-being when it comes to treating common ailments generated by modern life like chronic stress — thousand-year-old healing methods may very well be some of the best remedies after the past number of decades of influences generated by the industrial revolution in which “naturals” were essentially abandoned for factory produced “synthetics” and patented concoctions promoted by big corporate pharmaceutical companies.

After giving the Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club concept further thought, we came to the conclusion that by tailoring and offering a smaller monthly rotating nutritional package of a well rounded selection of various natural nutriments, our customers receive products that are always fresh and enjoy the full benefits of Mother Nature’s time tested “naturals”. fitness_couple_runWhat people purchase currently at the modern health food store has been “synthesized” in many cases, factory processed with heat & chemicals, and then placed on the shelf in the store for a period of weeks to months before purchased. As growers of natural super-fruits, herbs and flowers in Thailand, we have the advantage to be able to package a powerful array of 100% natural vitamins, minerals & nutriments, all of which are farm fresh which means the phytochemicals in the botanical compounds, super-fruits & flowers are all fresh, natural, pure & potent.
Many of our customers pay the regular printed price unless they happen to take advantage of our periodic product sales/specials. The Siam Natural Health & Fitness program allows members to (a) get more for their money each month, and (b) have the option to purchase additional products such as our Pink Lotus Nano Breast Spray Mist for ladies or the new Spice Mist anti-aging after shave treatment for men Plus other botanical based cosmetics and/or skin care related specialty products at 50% off the retail price.

Natural Weight Loss Program twisted_hemp_flower


We have certain unique Thai botanical compounds that work hand in hand such as for natural weight loss; Thai Buk (Amorphophallus konjac) is a fibrous root powder substance that when taken before meals, swells in the stomach reducing your appetite, plus acts as a intestinal cleanse & mild laxative. The Pha Krabit (Twisted Jute) tea works on the pituitary gland balancing conditions such as over active pituitary which effects the thyroid gland which in turns regulates the calories you burn & appetite. The combination of Thai Buk [] & Pha Krabit [] offer a 100% natural means of encouraging weight loss without the use of synthetic chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs whatsoever.

S-N_KKK312Ladies who are currently purchasing items such as our Nice Breast Cream or standard Pueraria mirifica KKK-NX-100 V-caps with Naturoestrol™ extract would be much better off to pay a little more per month and receive a fully balanced array of vitamin & nutrient natural supplements of herbs & teas products per month and have the option to purchase those other specialty items such as Pink Lotus Nano Spray Mist, our new Spice Mist for men, or the raw Pueraria mirifica facial restoration paste at 50% off the retail price, or even consider the weight loss combo above at 50% off the retail price each. Breast Cream CU-poster
The fact is, our founder herbalist is assisting to tailor the ideal array of products for rotation for each member every month so Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club members realize the full benefits of our entire botanical product line of natural vitamin & nutrient products. Some people will have special needs or interests & goals. We send members a general questionnaire upon signing up for the program so we know a little more about your current health condition and ultimate fitness goals. Our program primarily focuses on providing a balanced nutritional supplement array that will improve your looks, self esteem, physical health and longevity.

MoGac_cu_blkBGSiam Natural super-fruit, Fak Khaao for example contains the highest known content of Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Pro-vitamin A, E & C. Our bodies do not produce vitamin A, and the Pro-vitamin A in Fak Khaao is 10X more potent than raw carrots – hence it restores failing vision and enhances night vision. This is not something that most people would know simply because the Fak Khaao super-fruit is native to Thailand & Viet Nam. That is just a small part of the picture with this super nutritional rare native Thai fruit.

Members of the Siam Natural Fitness Club receive just the right amount of a very well rounded array of all of our natural super-fruits, herbs, and teas. In weighing the difference in the price for becoming a member verses buying individual products – there’s no question that the Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club makes a great deal of sense. Fresh is the keyword with Mother Nature’s herbs & teas in achieving your optimum natural health & fitness.
If you wonder why some people are more prone to life threatening & debilitating diseases & look old before their time – just take a look at their diet and lifestyles. Stress and improper diets is the #1 adversary to your looks, longevity, health & vitality.

Join in for the good life with the Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club. Introductory offer now through May 15th, 2014 –  $2.30 a day discount rate incentive ($69.00 per month) off the regular monthly rate of $3.30 per day ($99.00 per month).  Get back to the basics with  the Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club now for only $69.00 USD per month!

• Hormone balancing for both women & men
• Stress reduction – reduce anxiety, negative thinking and lower mood swings
• Major disease prevention – combat various cancers, heart disease, vital organ degeneration
• Balancing of endocrine & pituitary system
• Eyesight improvement & restoration of night vision & prevention of eye diseases
• Improved cardiovascular health & circulatory system function
• Vital organ and intestinal cleanse
• Muscle & skin tones restored to firm smooth youthful texture
• Combats breast, colon, prostate, and ovary cancer, prevention/reversal of tumors & cysts
• Hair strength, color and luster restoration – prevents premature graying and balding
• Energy, mobility and vitality restoration
• Urinary tract strengthened
• Strengthened immune system – significant reduction in common colds, flu & viruses
• Natural weight loss and thyroid balancing
• Memory and cognitive improvement
• Blood sugar balancing & prevention or reversal of diabetes-II, & varicose veins
• Sexual vitality and libido restoration/improvement
• Improved bone mass, cartilage, joints & skeletal health

Key Herbs, Super-Fruits & Ancient Flower Teas

KKK_Organic_V-caps_1277_196Pueraria mirifica (ladies) female hormone receptor modulator assists in treating menopausal symptoms, breast cancer prevention, anti-aging, osteoporosis, thinning/graying hair, skin care restoration , wrinkle reduction, breast firming enhancement & enlargement




Kwao_Krua_Dang_194X399e_0969Butea superba (men) Free testosterone builder & body building hormone restoration tonic






Pha Krabit Twisted Jute Tea Helicteres isora L.
• Treats migraine headaches, body aches, skin allergies & joint/back/muscle pain
• Lowers cholesterol • An effective anti-oxidant • Helps prevent cysts & tumors & shown in vitro to inhibit cancerous cells • Balances blood sugar • Treats diabetes-II • Balances endocrine/over active or abnormal pituitary hormones to prevent hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism upsetting the body’s chemical balance

• Weight control – Obesity • Balances deficiency of thiamine/vitamin B1• Protects liver & kidneys as a tonic cleanse • Contains Cucurbitacin B & Isocucurbitacin B + 3 more newly discovered natural phytochemicals that inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells

MoGac_cu_blkBGFak Khaao aka: GAC (Momordica cochinchinensis) 70X Lycopene 10X Beta-carotene Vitamin C 60X.

A native southeast Asian super-fruit nutriment for health, fitness & beauty with the highest known content of natural Provitamin A, E, C, Beta-carotene & Lycopene. Improves eyesight, skin tones, bone mass, & hair color and texture. Lycopene has been hypothesized to prevent carcinogenesis and atherogenesis by protecting critical cellular biomolecules, including lipids, lipoproteins, proteins, and DNA. The most impressive results come from the US Health Professional Follow-up Study, which evaluated intakes of various carotenoids implementing the use of food frequency questionnaires, in relation to risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer risk decreased as lycopene intake increased.

Contains Zeaxanthin: 15,000 mcg per 100gr. Carotenoids are antioxidants that rejuvenate the body by promoting the growth of healthy cells and inhibiting the growth of unhealthy ones. Carotenoid studies have reported to slow the onset of macular degeneration, cataracts, and other health conditions linked to oxidative or free radical damage to skin and other tissues.

Studies have shown that a higher dietary intake of carotenoids offers protection against certain cancers including, lung, skin, uterine, cervix, gastrointestinal tract.

Fak Khaao (Momordica cochinchinensis) has also been shown to be especially high in Lycopene content. Relative to mass, it contains up to 70 times the amount of lycopene found in tomatoes.

Additionally, the carotenoids present in Fak Khaao [Gac] are bound to long-chain fatty acids, resulting in what is claimed to be a more bioavailable form. There has also been recent research that suggests that contains a protein that may inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

Mangosteen_pericarp_sun-drying_400X300-0786Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) sun dried rind powder

• Anti-inflammatory – inhibits histamine and prostaglandins • Cardiovascular health • inhibits the oxidation of LDLs

• Anti-oxidant • induces the synthesis of superoxide dismutase • Over the past six years, noted ethno-biologist, Dr. James Duke has identified 210 distinct active ingredients each of which play a role in maintaining balance in the human body. The value of Mangosteen rind powder (Mangkhut) has two important components: (1) antioxidant properties and (2) other medicinal properties of Xanthones

S-N_A-III264Adaptation-III Adaptogenic compounds
Amlaki fruit Emblica myrobalan fruit powder, Chi Wu Cha Radix Eleutherococci, & Red Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)
Adaptogens , simply stated are those exceptional ancient plant botanical compounds known to enable the immune systems healing power & natural revitalizing properties in humans to balance the mind, body, & spirit back into alignment through the glandular systems at a cellular level.
Asian Amlaki fruit (Emblica myrobalan) fruit powder, Chi Wu Cha (Radix Eleutherococci) & Red Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) are three such extremely prolific & auspicious plant botanical s known as “Adaptogens” essential to modern day survival in our fast paced, combative world of ever changing days filled with endless mini-stresses that sometimes appear to be monumental & insurmountable.

Red Holy basil also contains Ursolic acid and is touted as one of the cosmetic industry’s latest favorites because it improves the skin’s elasticity and combats wrinkles. It also shows benefits for preventing skin cancer, along with having anti-fungal and antibacterial actions.

Moringa_powder170XMoringa (Moringa Oleifera) is one of the most nutritious plants discovered to date. While no one food gives us all the nutrition we need, Moringa Oleifera comes closer than anything else with its 90 plus nutritional compounds, it is one of the most nutrient rich plants discovered to date. Moringa improves the effectiveness of balanced nutrients in the body including the treasure trove of nutrients you’re already getting just by drinking fresh Moringa tea. Moringa literally sets your nutritional process in motion with the perfect natural balanced combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol,- all naturally found in Moringa Oleifera.

Anchanx1-763 Proanthocyanidin 100% pure Blue Butterfly Pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) fir-ha extract.

Proanthocyanidin with its high content of the flavonol quercetin improves eyesight, treat opthalmitis & eye infections, nourishes hair & skin, provides antioxidants and boosts body immunity. Clinical research in butterfly pea indicates that it has potential health effects against eye degeneration caused by diabetes, glaucoma, cataract and other eye related problems. It is said that the butterfly pea flower is one of the most valuable natural herbal plants in Thailand.

Benefits: Natural anti-oxidant, improves blood circulation. helps prevent hair loss and graying hair. Cleanses blood, & improves night vision, revitalizes skin & hair

powder extract.


Jiagulan ‘Sweat Tea Vine’ (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)  reduces high cholesterol, high blood pressure & improves heart function. Referred to as Immortality Herb tea, it’s also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”), improving memory, and preventing hair loss.

• Treatment of poor appetite
• Cough, chronic bronchitis
• Relief from stomach pain (chronic gastritis), back pain, swelling (inflammation), & ulcers, & gallstones
• Stress reduction
• Insomnia

Alpinia_galanga_Kha_800x-1000X1049txtGalanga (Alpinia galangal) anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant main flavonoids; galangin, quercetin and kaempferol. Known to lower cholesterol and inhibit cancer cells.

• Galanga has anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant activities.
• Assists in reducing cholesterol
• Believed to lower risk & help prevent stomach, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers

dietary fiber
sodium, iron
Vitamins A and C
Phytochemicals, Gallic acid glycoside, galango isoflavonoid, ß-sitosterol, galangin, alpinin, zerumbone & kampferide, Emodin and Quercetin. Essential oils, tannins, phenol, glycosides, monoterpenes & carbohydrates including ethyl cinnamate (25%), ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate (30%), p-methoxycinnamic acid; 3-carene-5-one. Studies also report 4-butylmenthol, ß-phellandrene, a-terpineol, dihydro-ß-sesquiphellandrene, pentadecane and 1,8-cineol

curcuma_xanthorrhizaCurcuma comosa anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant, anti tumor agent, lowers the concentrations of serum triglycerides & phospholipids, & liver cholesterol. Liver & kidney cleanse A natural herbal treatment for women for PMS, tightening of vaginal muscles, repairing vaginal wall prolapse, relieving menopausal conditions, promoting clean vaginal discharge & eliminating unpleasant odors around the genital area.

Eurycoma_longifolia_JackThai native Plaplai Phueak/Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia jack) is an effective ED remedy for men & authentic pure root herbal libido enhancer for women & men. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) botanical grows naturally in southern Thailand’s tropical rainforests and is a prolific sexual stimulant,  energy booster and ED remedy. Extracts of the plant have been shown to possess cytotoxic, anti-ulcer, antipyretic and plant growth inhibition activities.

Oryza Sativa – cold pressed Jasmine Rice Bran OilS-N_RBO_beachc381

 Gamma-oryzanol, ferulic acid considered ten times stronger than natural tocopherol vitamin E.  Phytic acid is a a B-complex* vitamin that can help improve blood circulation & stimulate cell turnover when used topically. Omega 6 Omega 3 ideally balanced 4:1 according to the American Heart Association.

Vitamin E-complex works as a complexion moisturizing agent, fades wrinkles, removes spots, and heals blemishes.

– Phytosterols: anti-inflammatory, healing and restorative.
– Carotenoids: beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) lycopene: healthy glow natural antioxidants.
– Vitamin E: natural antioxidant
– Enzymes (co-enzyme Q10, poly-phenol oxidase: protects against aging induced by free radicals.
– Minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper

* Oryzanol naturally blocks ultraviolet rays
* Ferulic acid stimulates hair growth
* leaves hair & scalp soft with no greasy film
* impedes the progress of melanin pigmentation
* Omega-3 and Omega-6 help with dry hair, skin, eczema and psoriasis conditions

mp125by170Makham pom (Emblica officinalis) fruit pulp oil nourishes hair & scalp, & helps prevent premature greying & hair loss  High content of natural vitamin C

* an effective remedy for thinning hair improving natural texture
* contains 20X the amount of natural Vitamin C found in other citrus fruits
* stimulates hair follicles promoting new hair growth
* helps prevent premature graying & maintaining natural color
* controls dandruff & treats itchy scalp
* helps detangle long hair
* strengthens hair roots
* promotes natural glow, shine & luster
* reduces dandruff
* helps prevent split ends
* a natural emollient for dry hair
* believed to help reduce hair loss
* high content of Phylemblin,(tannins) pectin, ellagic acid, and polyphenols (antioxidants)
* natural bioflavanoids, amino acids, trace minerals & phytonutrients

I-Love_music-Rockn_YouRadio Media InfotainmentAnnouncer_lady_mic

Music is a mood altering &  emotionally stimulating natural human therapy whose influences date back to ancient times. We plan some specialty broadcasts from exercise & fitness to meditative moods and relaxation.
We additionally offer tidbits of valuable information about specific natural herbal nutriment products & their health, beauty, & fitness benefits.
As part of our Siam Natural Health & Fitness Club, we have launched an ‘edutainment’ series on mobile and web radio about Thai specialty nutritional herbs, teas, and the various natural health supplements we offer so people can listen ‘on the go’ and learn about the benefits that each of our southeast Asian botanical products offer.

The Paradisemoon100 mobile & web radio station was launched in January, 2014 – Chinese Year of the Horse that represents self-improvement. Our US distributor & media marketing group, contains a wealth of information about Siam Natural Products, although all of our products are shipped directly from Thailand to our customers and Health & Fitness Club members worldwide.
The Paradisemoon100 Radio station operates 24/7 worldwide and is available on free download apps for Android, iPhone, tablets and web radio player. The main listening format is called GENERATIONS VARIETY LOVE MIX, Beatles to Bruno Mars, a top 100 music artists format alternating with infotainment promotional spots designed to entertain, enlighten and educate. We intend to expand the music selections to include certain specialty segments with music for exercise, jogging, fitness plus meditative moments for pure relaxation. We call this Dance, Trance, & Romance – and it will include some specialty artists, music & moods that will alter your emotional & spiritual well being.


Holistic (Thai TTM, Jamu, [Indonesia], Unani [middle eastern] )

Holistic medicine practiced in Thai traditional medicine (TTM) incorporates a combination of several ancient Asian modalities like Chinese TCM, Ayurveda, and Ancient Buddhist philosophy originating from Nepal, and passed down through the Monks teachings & traditional folklore practices related to balancing the body with herbs, diet, massage and the esoteric influences of the elements; earth, air, fire, and water.

Like Ayurvedic, Thai Holistic traditional (TTM) health practices utilize a combination of diet, taste (sweet, sour, bitter, pungent) meditation, and massage therapy (body, cranial, and reflexology to achieve a balance of body, mind & spirit [Chi] energy designed to avoid disease through preventative health care maintenance measures. This has evolved to organic cultivation of native botanical herbs and modern extraction technologies to manufacture natural health & spa products we now export worldwide.

Why Synthetic Vitamins Are Harmful synthetics_vs_naturals_V-cap

Supplement Science reprinted from Good Living Doc

Science has clearly demonstrated a need for humans to supplement with a few key nutrients if we want to live long, healthy lives. Unfortunately, science has also shown that synthetic forms of these nutrients are not only of little value, but can also be harmful to our well-being.
Synthetic vitamins (“synthetics”) are those which are NOT made by nature. They are chemical products created in a laboratory and have different biological structures than vitamins which occur naturally in food. These fake vitamins will mostly be found in cheap supplements, fortified and enriched foods like bread and cereal, and foods marketed as having “added vitamins” like calcium and Vitamin D. Because synthetic vitamins are different from those found in nature, they also have a different biological effect.

Aren’t All Vitamins Created Equal?

You might think that Vitamin E on any nutrition label means Vitamin E, and that all Vitamin E is the same or it wouldn’t be called Vitamin E. But synthetic Vitamin E made in a lab is indeed different from the Vitamin E found in avocados.
Part of what makes the nutrients in food so beneficial is that they all work together, an effect which renders them exponentially more powerful than isolated (single) vitamins alone like tablets of Vitamin C or Vitamin B6.
Synthetic calcium taken by itself can be dangerous, but combine natural calcium with all the other co-factors and micronutrients in an orange, and it gets ushered into your cells and utilized with simplistic perfection.
For supplement use to truly be effective, most of us have to overcome a few mental road blocks.
1. First, we have to realize the need for supplementation.
2. Next, we have to understand that not all vitamin supplements are created equally.
3. Finally, proper amounts of the supplement have to be ingested in order for our cells to benefit.
Another common obstacle could be added here, and that is an unsupportive spouse who resists the financial requirements of using quality supplements. Effective, well-processed supplements do cost more than the cheap, mass-produced products on TV that depend on marketing for sales rather than quality. You’re not doing your health any favors by buying cheap vitamins at the supermarket. This is indeed one instance where you get what you pay for.
Naturally Occurring Vitamins Provide Health Benefits
The human body was designed to absorb nutrients from food, not synthetic chemicals. Man has never, and will never, replace or improve upon nutrition provided by nature. This is why nutritional supplements should be made from fruits, vegetables, animals, and herbs.
When we take a synthetic Vitamin C tablet, we’re giving the body a fake vitamin which does not occur in nature in that particular form. When we eat an apple, however, we not only get Vitamin C, but the hundreds of other healthy phytochemicals and micronutrients the entire fruit contains. This makes the Vitamin C in an apple much more effective and powerful.
These studies support the notion that real food nutrition is much more important for wellness than synthetic vitamins.
1. “Naturally occurring fruit and plant sourced micronutrients increase health and prevent illness.” Boyer, J and Liu, RH. Nutrition Journal 2004, 3:5
2. “Naturally occurring fruit and plant sourced essential micronutrients provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition and reduce the risk of chronic illness.” Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 78(3): 517S-520S
3. “Diets high in naturally occurring essential micronutrients sourced from fruits and plants help prevent heart disease and cancer, and also help protect against a variety of other illnesses including cataracts, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and asthma.” Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 2003, 78: 414-421
4. One study done on lifestyle, genetics, and degenerative disease echoed the above (#3) sentiments (Science 2002, 296: 695-698), and so did this research on oxidants, antioxidants, and degenerative diseases of aging (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 1993, 90: 7915-7922).
5. “Dietary consumption of naturally occurring vitamins from fruits and vegetables lowers risk of lung cancer, heart disease, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration.” Free Radic. Biol. Med. 2009, Jan 15; 46(2): 299-304
It only stands to reason, since food is how we nourish the body and provide the building blocks for good function, that any vitamin supplements we take should be made from food or other natural sources.
Science Shows Synthetic Vitamins are Harmful
You’ll occasionally run across a media story reporting that vitamins are dangerous, but every study I’ve seen that showed supplements to be harmful was done using synthetic vitamins. Anything we consume that is not made by nature, and this includes synthetic vitamins, is seen by the body as a toxin and will result in a defensive biological reaction.
This toxic effect that many synthetic vitamins have on the human body has even caused some studies to be halted early.
1. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 22,000 pregnant women were given synthetic Vitamin A. The study was halted because birth defects increased by 400%. N. Eng. J. Med. 1995; 333: 1369-1373
2. Another study involving 29,000 male smokers who were given synthetic beta-carotene and synthetic Vitamin E was also stopped when rates of lung cancer, heart attacks, and death increased. N. Eng. J. Med. 1994: 330; 1029-1035
We have been taught to view nutrition in term of “recommended daily allowances,” as though we need so much of vitamin X every day for heart health and so much of vitamin Y for good digestion, but vitamins don’t work in isolation.
The Physicians Health Study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported no benefit of supplementation with isolated synthetic beta-carotene. N. Eng. J. Med. 1996; 334(18): 1145-1149
Vitamins in Nature work in synergy with one another, and taking vitamin X and vitamin Y alone can actually disrupt the healthy nutrient ratios we need for good function, an effect which can result in harm.
1. “The Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Trial observed a higher death rate in the isolated synthetic beta-carotene group and no treatment effect in the isolated alpha-tocopherol group.” Nutr. Rev. 1994; 52(7): 242-245
2. “The Heart Outcomes Prevention and Evaluation study reported greater all-cause death with isolated Vitamin E.” N. Eng. J. Med. 2,000; 342(3): 154-160
3. A research study conducted in March of 2009 showed that “taking synthetic Vitamin C and synthetic Vitamin E actually blocked the beneficial effects of exercise in terms of insulin sensitivity and antioxidant activity.” PNAS, published ahead of print May 11, 2009. “Subjects who received naturally occurring Vitamin C and Vitamin E from consuming fruits and plants did not have this problem.”
Vitamin companies are very aware of the growing desire of consumers for natural products. In response, many of them are deceptively feeding synthetic vitamins to either yeast or bacteria, extracting the vitamins back out again, and calling them “natural.” It’s important to question your supplement company about this practice, and ask whether yeast, bacteria, or synthetic vitamins are used at any stage during processing. If yeast is listed on the label, chances are high you are being misled.

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