Billionaire Jeff Bezos Tops list of Global Black Market Traffickers of health supplements.

Most recently, US NaturePaq™ corporation retained the legal services of a highly reputable Thailand law firm to investigate FAKE SELLERS of Thai health supplements on,  eBay, Etsy, Lazada and several independent web sites for engaging in unlawful internet marketing of unlicensed, undocumented Thai PUERARIA MIRIFICA and BUTEA SUPERBA, two hugely popular native Thai health supplement herbs used effectively for anti-aging, skin and hair care and natural hormone balancing for renewed vitality and rejuvenation.

fake_thai_pm_pills_pie_powderil_570xn-532215046_7quv                                                              above image is fake undocumented Pueraria mirifica sold on Amazon

The Thailand Ministry of Public Health, FDA has strict regulations for manufacturing and exporting these two natural food supplements as they are considered a Thai National treasure. Much of what is being sold on multinational web sites such as AMAZON has no documentation and to date, Amazon remains in denial about accepting responsibility for screening it’s store sellers of any health supplements.

The Hua Hin, Thailand Law firm was retained in late 2016 by NaturePaq™ corporation to research and compile a “white list” of authentic licensed sellers of Thai Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba. In January 2017 a registered letter was sent to legal department head, Mr. David A. Zapolsky, Senior VP  and General Counsel, but so far Amazon legal department has failed to respond to the letter which names several Amazon Store sellers. The letter simply requested Amazon’s cooperation in compiling a “white List” of authentic manufacturers/sellers of Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba. A  NaturePaq™ media spokesperson stated the US Department of State in Bangkok will be notified in writing in a follow up letter to both  Amazon and eBay by mid February 2017. founder Jeff Bezos tops the list of global black market traffickers in health supplements which poses a significant threat to the well-being of the general public in light of several deaths and numerous reports of fraud, cover up and denial.

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed by the estate of a young man who died after taking “pure caffeine powder” manufactured by Hard Rhino and sold on


Unfortunately, this is nothing new as Amazon has been legally dodging good business ethics and fair trade practices for many years and still does in the name of greed, spearheaded by billionaire, Jeff Bezos, whose corporate policy is both reckless and corrupt with total disregard for the health & well being of consumers.

The lawsuit was filed in Ohio state court against Amazon, Hard Rhino and affiliated companies in connection with the death of Logan Stiner, an 18-year-old who died on May 27, 2014, just three days before his high school graduation. The teenager was a student-athlete who planned to attend the University of Toledo, volunteered with the Special Olympics and was a member of the National Honor Society, according to the Logan Stiner Foundation. The coroner cited Logan’s cause of death as “cardiac arrhythmia and seizure due to acute caffeine toxicity due to excessive caffeine ingestion,” according to the lawsuit. Amazon, its counsel and Hard Rhino failed to respond to requests for comment.


Two soldiers died after using the workout booster Jack3d (pronounced Jacked). Federal health regulators issued a warning that the stimulant in Jack3d and other fat-burning products, called dimethylamylamine, or DMAA, frequently raises blood pressure and heart rate, and could cause heart attacks.

Following the warning, a lawsuit was filed against USPlabs, the developer and marketer of Jack3d, and against GNC, the store where he bought the product.

Death By Dietary Supplement

In the 20 years since Congress passed the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), FDA has rarely invoked its administrative rulemaking authority to ban natural products that have been associated with health hazards. Loren Israelsen, president of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) can only recall one instance in which FDA removed supplements from the market under DSHEA based on a finding that the products posed “a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury.”

That was in 2004 after products containing ephedra were linked to adverse health outcomes, such as heart attack and stroke. [Josh Long excerpts: Complications for Regulators


Whether FDA would invest the legal and scientific capital to seek a ban on pure caffeine remains an open question. Vasilios (Bill) Frankos, Ph.D., a former FDA official and current Herbalife Ltd. executive, cited “enormous” manpower that FDA invested over a period of years to compile the administrative record in support of the ephedra ban—not to mention years of litigation challenging FDA in the courts. Frankos, then an FDA senior science advisor, was not involved with the ephedra ban, but he went on to become director of FDA’s  Division of Dietary Supplement Programs before joining Herbalife in 2010. [As the law stands] “the burden to show a significant risk is much higher than the normal standards that are used by FDA to allow the marketing of a dietary supplement, which is basically showing there is no harm and that product has what is called ‘a history of safe use,’” said Frankos, Herbalife’s senior vice president of global regulatory compliance and product safety, in a phone interview. He predicted such a ban would face challenges in court.

Nutrients and herbs are naturally occurring substances and therefore cannot be patented unless their structure is changed through genetic engineering or chemical processes.

organically_cultivated_pueraria_mirifica_kwao-krua-kwao_green_house_01                               Authentic organically cultivated Siam Natural herbs & teas are known to help prevent health issues

Pharmaceutical industry PR departments and industry-funded scientists have been behind unnecessary herb and vitamin scares, citing lack of uniformity or actual danger to persons who take supplements. Subsequently some natural products have been withdrawn from sale while massive drug and biotech multi-nationals work behind the scenes to chemically alter and patent natural substances as pharmaceuticals. In Australia alone the increasing popularity of natural products has deprived the global pharmaceutical market of 2 billion dollars annually. This has brought in its wake an accelerating clampdown on complementary medicine (using natural products)

Death Blow To Natural Supplements

[excerpts © Eve Hillary full article]

Like its US FDA counterpart, the Australian TGA states that it “is obligated to take action where there is concern in relation to the quality, safety and effectiveness of medicines.”

Each year delegates gather in a European city to convene the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The first commission was convened in 1963 as a joint effort between the UN and the WHO (world health organization). Since that time the Codex delegates have overwhelmingly represented large multi-national pharmaceutical companies and government regulating authorities including the FDA and TGA.

The delegates are determining an eight-step guideline that is already being implemented in many countries of the world. The Codex guidelines are intended to prevent the further sale of supplements and herbs and to regulate them as drugs to be manufactured solely by drug companies.

 In accord with the Codex guidelines, supplements are being slowly withdrawn from the public domain.

There are no representatives of small vitamin manufacturers and retailers at Codex meetings and health supplement consumers are not represented, as they are not eligible to attend.

There is no press allowed during these meetings. Each successive meeting at the Codex commission advances the coming agenda to set worldwide guidelines on vitamins, supplements and herbs. The full restriction of supplements and herbs is enacted as an eight-step process and begins with seemingly innocent changes that the regulator adopts at first. Finally each country is brought closer to full harmonization when the consumer can no longer access supplements or herbs.

The guidelines include the setting of recommended daily intake (RDI) levels of supplements, which are set so low as to make therapeutic doses or prophylactic doses of supplements impossible and technically illegal. Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have already harmonized to step 5. Once harmonized, the codex recommendation, becomes enshrined in that country’s statutes and laws are strictly observed. One Scandinavian vitamin supplier was chased by the federal police for supplying vitamin C tablets that exceeded 200 mg. The amount of vitamin C contained in three oranges had made this man a criminal.

Canada has recently harmonized with Codex, with its regulator withdrawing nearly half of the stocks in health food stores overnight. Possession of one popular supplement DHEA in Canada now attracts the same penalties as crack cocaine. The Canadian regulator is empowered to classify any substance as a drug and it makes no difference if that substance is a food that has been consumed for millions of years and is perfectly safe. That product can be recalled or removed from the market.

As Codex continues its march, herbs are increasingly classed as drugs with restricted access. Germany has already complied fully by regulating all supplements and herbs as drugs. In a country with an age-old tradition of natural medicine, no one can freely access these products now. This is designed to assist drug companies in their technology of Pharma-Printing, which produces versions of herbs that will be standardized and patented by drug companies and approved by government regulators as drugs. In a press release six years ago, the WHO has announced its collaboration with Pharma-Print, a California based Biotech Company, which has already started to standardize useful herbs such as Gingko, St. John’s Wart, Valerian and many others. (9)

Once patented, useful herbs will then be banned and removed from the public domain, even for garden use. There has already been a Federal police raid carried out on a couple in northern NSW who planted a Chinese herb in their garden to use as tea. (10) (10) Beware Therapeutic Goods Act Proposed changes. By Susan Drew Rasmussen Sources:

Anyone wanting to inform themselves of these issues should access the website of John Hammell, a prominent health freedom advocate, founder of the International Advocates for Health Freedom

For the time being, all herbs and supplements have now been allocated DIN (drug identification numbers) which many regulators have now adopted and implemented in their respective countries as they gradually harmonize with the codex “recommendations”. Australian TGA officials have distributed much of this DIN software to other countries. The TGA is in the process of pressuring New Zealand to adopt similar restrictive standards as are currently in Australia. Graham Peachey, the one time director of the chemicals and non-prescription medicines branch of the TGA has taken over the task of persuading NZ to harmonize to the same level as Australia. That includes the prohibition of any therapeutic claim made with respect to nutritional supplements, even if there exist medical studies to support those claims. So far NZ has resisted moves in that direction, placing value on health freedom for its citizens. However, failure to implement these Codex standards will result in sanctions against governments by the WTO.

There is a fortune to be made by multinational drug companies solely controlling the manufacture and sale of all life sustaining natural products. Many doctors and health freedom advocates are deeply disturbed by these events.

Dr. Matthias Rath, a medical specialist in nutritional medicine demonstrated that nutritional supplements reversed many conditions including heart disease. He states. “If the Codex Commission is allowed to obstruct the eradication of heart disease by restricting access to nutritional supplements, more than 12 million people world-wide will continue to die every year from premature heart attacks and strokes.

Within the next generation alone, this would result in over 300 million premature deaths, more than in all the wars of mankind together.”

Doctors trained in nutritional medicine as well as qualified naturopaths, use supplements therapeutically as an adjunct to orthodox treatments or as holistic treatments.

The science behind natural medicine has been widely denied by orthodox medicine and is largely kept out of medical student’s curricula.


However nutrients have been used and studied for thousands of years and there is a large body of valid scientific evidence that shows therapeutic nutrients are highly effective in treating a wide range of conditions.

Thai monk preparing herbal medicines, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Asia

Most health consumers take supplements because they perceive a health benefit and are not even aware that there is solid science behind nutritional therapies.


This research is little mentioned in the media, which nearly always portrays nutritional therapies as being solely practiced by unqualified quacks.

Media disinformation is issued directly from pharmaceutical company public relations departments on a daily basis through journalists and industry-sponsored doctors embedded in the media and other key positions. (8)


This has been occurring for over 40 years and is well documented in the chemical industry archives, documents released through litigation. (7)

Much of the public confusion on the issue results from drug industry misinformation, which frequently refers to nutrient supplements as medicines or even drugs. Nutrients are not drugs.


Humans require dozens of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to stay alive and healthy. The body knows how to use these and eliminates the excess as it has done for millions of years. The need for supplements has increased recently, after it has been shown that plant-based foods are now grown on barren and demineralized soils, which do not supply plants with optimum nutrients. Humans then eat nutritionally deficient plants.


Orthodox doctors claim the standard western diet contains all we need and additional supplements are flushed down the toilet,. This view appears to be myopic or at least poorly informed, given that 75% of all Australian deaths are a result of lifestyle factors. This includes poor diet and the resulting nutritional deficiencies.

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    Typical that Codex is the unelected Police Force of the United Nations imposing regulations to stop free choice, big Pharma doesn’t like competition

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