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Siam Natural ™ brand Herbal Botanical Compounds

 Company History & Vision

Good business sense balanced with outstanding herbal rejuvenating botanical supplement compounds direct from the farmer-growers is the foundation of our vision.

We incorporate first hand knowledge and experience gleaned from years of research and studies of Thai native herbal botanical compounds that take us back to the basics with revitalizing natural rainforest botanicals delivered by health care professionals people trust as the core of our win-win formula for success.

We partner with alternative health & wellness professionals globally dedicated to excellence in wellness for their patients.

Siam herbal botanical compounds was founded over thirty-five years ago by a second generation Thai-Chinese certified master herbalist botanical grower having taken over his family’s village herbal botanical gardens farm.

Today, that family farm has grown into an eight hundred rai (three hundred acre) commercial cultivation and processing operation with affiliations to hundreds of specialty farmer-growers of 100% pure botanical products from Thailand’s farm cooperatives regulated by the Thailand Ministry of Agriculture under the Ministry of Industry.

They currently offer a select few choice native Thailand botanicals as export phytoceutical compounds while continuing to research thousands more yet undocumented rainforest species known only in Thai folklore medicines.

Our commercial distribution of herbal botanical agricultural products has expanded globally across several sectors including organic compounds, phytoceuticals, extractions, and biotechnology.

Please join us in creating a healthier, greener world! You’ll find detailed information for each of our rejuvenative botanical herbal compound supplement products with PDF research documentation, technical information and specifications plus net pricing and more on the http://www.siamnatural.com website.


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