NaturePaq MoringaThon Energy Tabs to debut in USA

It’s seldom a renewable Green fortuity crops up with a likely win-win outcome for all involved! The NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ Energy Tablets address the most important aspect of our lives: Our health and well being! Its bigger than life when a product has the aims to benefit the planet, curb disease, feed 3rd world kids & boost minority women entrepreneurs with much needed capital! MoringaThon-400X500-new-barcode-tabs-packet-pouch-energy-grn-bg (1)Such is the case with Siam Natural Organics who is just now introducing a new line of organic Moringa oleifera leaf products and organic seed oil based cosmetic products sourced from farmer-growers from various remote parts of the southeast Asian region.


Unlike some manufacturers, Siam Industries International Co., Ltd. offers 100% organic and fully traceable raw source materials that are fully licensed by the Ministry of Public Health departments in both Thailand and Cambodia for purity and authenticity.


Average western consumers are basically naive about many eastern natural herbal nutrition, health & fitness plant elixirs – Those rare super-fruits and natural root compounds that can and do transform lives for the better and help prevent common diseases, promote renewed energy and assist in weight-loss.

Unfortunately, people are overwhelmed by repetitive & sometimes deceptive mass TV media campaigns and/or print media so they continue to purchase “discount” vitamins and supplements that are mostly factory heat treated extracts mixed with fillers and buffers that offer little in actual nutritional benefits.

In light of all the health issues humans endure as a result of the status quo: chemicals in foods and mass heat processed factory supplements, not to mention the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and prescription medicines, we are confident that many health issues people endure can be addressed with preventative holistic nutritional supplements like the Miracle Moringa seed oil based natural spa firming skin care lotion, and the new MoringaThon™ Energy Tablets and tea leaf products.

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Part of the reason we believe so strongly in bringing the NaturePaq™ MoringaThon™ Energy Tabs and Miracle Moringa Spa Facial Firming Lotion products to fruition is knowing that people are eager for affordable health, fitness, nutritional and natural antiaging products, and the 100% fresh natural products we offer can and do improve people’s looks and wellness offering a sound means and preventative measure to avoid unnecessary common diseases.

Farm-10-20170706224935 It’s all about ingesting pure natural vitamins, minerals and the amino acids building blocks to proper nutrition human cells require to maintain a strong immune system and renewed health at the molecular level.

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Of all the organic and natural herbal health products this writer has explored, discovered and investigated over the past nearly two decades of holistic health research, the Moringa oleifera tree products sourced from the most pristine regions of south east Asia have the greatest potential to change lives for the better on a mass scale and help prevent diseases whilst simultaneously helping preserve the environment, feed 3rd world kids, and uplift small organic grower-farmer entrepreneurs to strengthen the core of the supply chain for these sumptuous natural health vitamins, minerals & amino acids rich Moringa.


Siam Industries International Co., Ltd.  (aka: Siam Natural Organics brand) of Thailand has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with NaturePaq, Inc., USA to bring their premier fully licensed Thai health, beauty, and fitness products to a Nevada USA based warehouse distribution center for quick shipping to north American consumers.

NaturePaq, inc. will also be importing the hugely popular Siam Natural Organics Pueraria mirifica and Butea superba premier organically green-house cultivated encapsulations to select health food stores for over the counter purchase.


To the best of my knowledge, there is only one other brand of authentic Pueraria mirifica available in USA stores which are 20mg tablets manufactured in the USA and recommended for menopausal relief .

All the other Pueraria mirifica for ladies and Butea superba for men being sold on-line through Amazon, eBay and others are unknown, undocumented supplements without the Certificate of Authenticity (COA),  Country of Origin (CO) certificates, or Thai FDA licenses and GMP certificates – all of which required by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health for export.

This project is a major step for Siam Industries International, Co., Ltd.  of Thailand so initiating an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign is currently in progress to help raise some of the needed expansion funding.

There will be some very special “Percs” (products bundle) pricing associated with the IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign scheduled to commence on August 30th 2017.

Watch the 30 second HDTV promo here MoringaThon Energy Tabs & please pitch in on  IndieGoGo soon!