Pueraria mirifica – On the Internet, what’s real & what’s fake?

We’re now living in the age of internet identity theft & corporate marketing ‘scams’. How many spam emails does one need to receive a day from ‘investment offers’ from individuals offering millions of dollars of so called investment funds with the addressee named as ‘unknown recipient’? Some scam artists even go as far as to represent themselves as  good Christians such as this one picked at random from our spam box stating: “Attn:Beneficiary, Following the protest of the International Community, The World Bank, IMF and the instruction by the Presidency Chief of State and Chief of the Government Dr. Boni Yayi, that all outstanding foreign debts especially next of kin/contracts payment should be released to the  beneficiaries forth with unconditionally this second quarter 2012. Your payment of One Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars has been approved and deposited to Money Gram for immediate transfer to you. You may be getting a message like this before, but do not hesitate to contact Money Gram center where your $1. 500 000, 00, USD was deposited through the contact below and get your payment transfer to you.
Contact Person: Douglas Obi
E-mail: moneygrambn@kimo.com
Phone: +229-66939181
(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Your Full Address:
(3) Your Direct Contact Phone:
Our first mission this year is to keep a clean slate of all debts that has been owned to foreigners  because of some government officials and individual who are not honest.

Rev. Joe Benson
Honorable Minister of Finance for Foreign Affairs
Benin Republic”.

After looking a little further on Google we found this video on a Nigerian internet cafe ‘bust’ . http://www.419baiter.com/scammers_busted_flash.html.

Even more serious – there are hackers now with the ability to break in to your computer through emails and place software that records your ‘keystrokes’ – hence they can obtain your bank account information and steal your money. This is so big that they had millions and millions of stolen funds accrued and were advertising for people to ‘work on-line’ at home as so-called agents  to transfer money to the Ukraine. This one was recently busted too. Another very scary scam is identity theft wherein the scam artist files a phoney tax return in your name to receive a big refund from the government in your name – and you’re left holding the bag to sort it all out with the IRS which is very time consuming at the least and can literally ruin your credit.

Our company grows and manufacturers authentic health and natural cosmetic related products. We actually found a company recently in New Jersey, USA who had stolen our ‘brand name’ “SIAM NATURAL” tm and was advertising and labeling their products and marketing on-line under our exclusive “SIAM NATURAL” tm brand name.  This is a counterfeit bar of “soap with our brand name on it;This product was being sold from New Jersey USA by a company named siamnaturalsoap.com

We pursued legal means to stop them and the company has recently switched it’s name – to “SIAM SEAS” but is evidently still scamming customers. Ironically, the individual who owns the New Jersey, USA based LLC is a Thai National and simply chose to ‘copy’ and use our brand name, “SIAM NATURAL” tm.

Siam Natural Soap | Facebook http://www.facebook.com/siamnaturalsoap  Siam Natural Soap To show our appreciation, we want to give back to our customers who believe in our products – Siam Natural Soap is now Siam SEAS. Please check us out at Siam SEAS page (all caps on SEAS) | Facebook.

There is so much mis-information out there, we  decided to post this article for people to get a true perspective to what’s real & what’s fake surrounding the Thai herb known as Pueraria mirifica. The Thai name of this herb is Kwao Krua Kao, and it has been a folklore remedy for generations primarily for anti-aging. More recently the global corporate marketing community has discovered a way to scam unknowing buyers into purchasing a slew of bogus breast enhancement products – 99% of which are NOT produced in Thailand nor are they authentic Pueraria mirifica. An article caught one of our distributor’s attention that made an obvious erroneous statement in their marketing material about the ‘Miroestrol’ content in their Pueraria mirifica capsules that prompted us to investigate further. The company claims Ainterol’s “Miroestrol is between 40.53-42.10mg/100gm (with HPLC method)”. This is a totally bogus, ludicrous, and irresponsible statement of mis-information to potential customers. At best, the Miroestrol (active ingredient) content would be in the micrograms range. An Ammon, Jordon reviewer stated, “I have heard a lot of bad things about Ainterol PM.  Most of the women who used it stopped having their periods for a while ,or that it messed up their periods and it caused serious heart pains for a woman who used it. So I don’t recommend it to anyone considering the very long research that I have done (since I was planning on ordering Ainterol PM), I didn’t see one happy consumer of the product so save your money people and so as your health!”

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote regarding Ainterol Pueraria Mirifica 500Pure Breast Capsules (100 caps) . “I purchased this product because it stated it was 500mg PURE Pueria Mirfica.  I had better results with the cheaper brand I purchased prior. I even contacted the (Ainterol) company to voice my concerns and received no response to date. I strongly feel if a company is going to sell items via Amazon.com that they should be responsive to customer concerns”.  Another comment stated, “I’ve bought 1 product from Thailand and they shipped very very slow, about 6 weeks”.

We then looked to eBay and Amazon.com and counted at least eighteen companies selling Pueraria mirifica products – many of whom stated, “from Thailand”, yet there was only one brand we recognized as an authentic Thai product. The general public should be aware that Pueraria mirifica is considered a “Thai National Treasure” by the Thai government who regulates agricultural products through the Thai FDA and Thailand Ministry of Agriculture under the Ministry of Industry.

Siam Natural tm brand is produced by Siam Industries International who has been in the health, spa-massage and beauty/skin care products industry in Thailand for over thirty years. Our products are not the least expensive yet they are in fact premium grade authentic Thai herbal health and beauty/skin care products. We ship worldwide via Thai postal registered airmail. Most delays that occur are getting through the customs processing yet most of our customers report 10-14 day delivery and praise the company for our prompt and courteous customer service reps. Our most potent Kwao Krua products are the 100% pure organic concentrated cold pressed pastes available on our web site: http://www.siamnatural.com/Siam_Natural_export_products.htm


6 Responses to Pueraria mirifica – On the Internet, what’s real & what’s fake?

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  3. Brieann says:

    I bought a brand of pueraria mirifica on eBay. The brand is “herbal youth”. I’m a little concerned now that I have been swindled after reading a comment on another site stating that “no pm product is authentic on eBay”. If anyone has information on the company ” herbal youth” and could tell me if its authentic or not would be much appreciated. Its black bottle with pink label, says “3000extreme maximum strength”.

  4. Dr.Bharti says:

    You read right. Absolutely zero Pueraria is authentic on e-Bay. NONE! You are another victim. We suggest that you do some research on the internet to find authentic suppliers. There three of them.
    Best wishes to you

  5. Misa says:

    I have pm from ebay too. The brand is also “herbal youth”. Can i ask what product contain when not pm?

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